A simple way to show your support of The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation is by adding a badge to your email signature, website, blog . . . whereever you'd like! It's easy . . .

  1. Select your badge below.
  2. Copy the code from the box next to it. Use Ctrl C on a PC, Cmd C on a Mac.
  3. Paste the code anywhere you want your badge to appear. If you need help with this step, see the instructions below.

Facebook Covers
Right-click and Save As, then upload them to Facebook.

more coming soon!

Add a badge to your e-mail signature

Yahoo! Mail

You can add a badge to your signature in Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Mail Classic:

Adding a signature in Yahoo! Mail
Adding a signature in Yahoo! Mail Classic

Just paste the badge code from above into the space provided for your signature, making sure to use rich text mode in Yahoo! Mail, and HTML mode in Yahoo! Mail Classic. You'll need to compose messages in rich text mode for the badge to work.


Instructions for setting up e-mail signatures in AOL mail systems can be found here:

AOL WebMail
AOL 9.0 and previous versions
AOL Desktop for Mac

In the space provided for your signature, simply paste the badge code displayed above.


If you use Outlook or Outlook Express, see Microsoft Office Online for instructions on how to create a signature in your version of Outlook or Outlook Express.

Other mail programs

If your mail system supports HTML signatures, you can use the code displayed above to add a badge to your signature. Some mail systems - like Windows Live Hotmail - do not allow images or HTML in signatures at all. You'll find workarounds for others online, but tinkering with your mail system can cause problems. If you don't see a way to add a badge to your signature, contact the company that provides your mail system and ask how to add HTML code to your signature.

Add a badge to a website - your blog, Facebook and more

You can use badges in your blog, Facebook, MySpace and most other websites.


Facebook does not support adding code like that of our badges directly to profiles or walls, but you can add a badge to your profile by downloading any image on this page and using it as your profile picture or cover.


MySpace has instructions for adding images to a profile available in its help section. Where the instructions indicate to enter HTML, simply paste the code for the badge that you want to display in your profile.


You can add a badge to your Blogger site by adding a page element as described in Blogger's Layout Guide. Just add an HTML/Javascript page element, where the HTML code is simply the badge code displayed above. You'll also find these page elements referred to as Text/HTML/JavaScript Widgets.

Bulletin boards, forums and other websites

You can use badges in any other bulletin board, forum or website that allows HTML code in posts or signatures.

For posts: When you're done composing a post go into the "view code" or "HTML code" mode, if available, and paste the badge code at the bottom of your post.

For signatures: Include the badge code displayed above in your signature and enable any options to allow HTML in your signature.


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cholangiocarcinoma, or bile-duct (bile duct) cancer, arises from the tissues in the bile duct.