Marion Schwartz

marionschwartzChief Advocacy Officer, San Francisco, California

Marion served on the Board of Directors and functions as moderator on the discussion board. She attends international and national conferences, as well as FDA, NIH and NCI meetings. Marion obtained her research advocacy training by attending numerous medical and scientific symposiums, the Coalition of Cooperative Groups Workshops, Research Advocacy Network tutorials, and through her engagement with the NCI Disease specific Task Force for Hepatobiliary Cancer.

She received her BS in psychology from the University of Bonn/Germany and is bilingual, fluent in English and German. A 2012 DIA Patient Advocate Fellowship Alumni and guest speaker she also is a member of the Alliance to build a stronger FDA.

Her passion for the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation evolved after the diagnoses and subsequent passing of her husband in 2007. Marion lives in Sonoma County, California.