Clinical Trials

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Video: Participating in a Clinical Trial

This eight minute video features the stories of two clinical research volunteers who provide a personal perspective into the clinical research process.  Also in the video are interviews with their family members who offer insight into what it’s like when a loved one is undergoing experimental treatment.

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Smart Talking about Clinical Studies

This engaging webpage is designed to provide a brief introduction to clinical trials with interactive videos that provide patients with important information about taking part in a clinical trial.  You will also find useful information about clinical trials in general and a glossary with definitions of research phrases and terms.

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Why They Chose to be Research Volunteers

This video shares the stories of several trial participants including their perspectives and the motivations behind their decision to take part in clinical research.


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Clinical Trials 101

In 2010, Dr. Jack Welch from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), joined gave a presentation to the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation and our community, the purpose of his webinar was to discuss some clinical trial basics and to answer some frequently asked questions.

A list of current clinical trials from the National Cancer Institute.

Clinical Glossary