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2010 PSC Partners Seeking a Cure Annual Conference

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The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation would like to thank PSC Partners Seeking a Cure for inviting us to attend their 2010 annual conference last weekend (May 14th-16th) in Hartford, CT. It was a great three-day event which included top physicians lecturing on everything from “making the diagnosis” to “how to communicate with your physician”. The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation was happy to participate by lending support and distributing information to attendees about bile duct cancer, which can result from complications of PSC. Many of the attendees already knew about the possibility of developing bile duct cancer and even remembered the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation from the Chicago conference –those bracelets are working! Together with PSC Partners Seeking a Cure, we hope to continue to create awareness for all diseases affecting the bile ducts.

Special thanks to Ricky Safer, we look forward to working together and to 2011’s conference.

Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) is a rare autoimmune bile duct disease that causes the bile ducts inside and outside the liver to become scarred, narrowed and eventually blocked. As more and more ducts are blocked, bile becomes trapped and damages the liver. Complications from PSC can cause cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer).

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A Research Grant for Bile Duct Cancer

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The American Cancer Society has awarded 152 new research and training grants to investigate the causes, prevention, and early detection of cancer. These new grants include testing the idea that serotonin and dopamine help bile duct cancer cells migrate and invade other tissues, in hopes of identifying targets for the development of new treatment options. Learn more about this and other grants at:

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