An Outer SpaCCe Party/Fundraiser

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In June 2010, my mother was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma (CC) at the age of 56. This news devastated my family and I, my mother was completely healthy until that point. Throughout her care it became increasingly clear that cholangiocarcinoma continues to perplex and frustrate the medical community, and requires further intensive research.

When I told family and friends about my mother’s illness, I realized how little the general community knew about CC and that raising awareness was a pivotal step in fighting this life-threatening disease. To that end, some friends and I decided to hold a fundraising event to collect donations and raise awareness. In honour of my mother, a vibrant and outgoing woman who enjoys organizing social events in our community, we decided to give our fundraiser a theme…an outer spaCCe party! We invited our guests to join us into outer space to find a cure for cholangiocarcinoma…the party was a great success and out of this world!

Nikkie Randhawa
Vancouver, Canada

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