Spotlight Webinar: Dealing with the Emotions of Diagnosis

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” . . . the test results are back and there are tumors on your liver . . .”

With those chilling words, the emotional and physical battle begins for those diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma. Immediate questions may arise as to how to cope, emotionally, with this shocking news. Psychologist Geret Giles discusses the initial impact of diagnosis in an exclusive webinar from

Dr. Giles will present concepts and ideas to help deal with the early emotional stages of fighting this disease.

The following topics, among others, will be discussed:

  • Initial Disclosure: Who, What, How, and When to Tell
  • Balancing Realism and Hope
  • Making Room for the Disease Without Giving In to It
  • A Word for Loved Ones

Join us, Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 3pm Eastern Time.

Please click here to register.

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