Ocean City, New Jersey, Kids Raise $350.00 for Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation

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Ocean City, NJ Kids Raise Over $350 at 2nd Annual Nonna's Lemonade Stand

On August 10-11, 2012, Andrew (7), Sophia (10), Luke (11) and Jack (14) honor their late Grandma “Nonna” Maria Domanico.  The kids planned and hosted the “2nd Annual Nonna’s Lemonade”, Stand at the 23rd Street Boardwalk, in Ocean City, New Jersey.  Cyclists, Runners, and walkers were impressed by this selfless and genuine act of kindness by young kids. In less than 3 hours these grandkids raise over $350 and Cholangioncarcinoma (Bile Duct/Liver Cancer) awareness.

People stopped to make generous donations. Some bought lemonade or water… others stop to share their stories of cancer survivors and their battle with Cancer. This event brought hundreds of random smiles to many people. Nonna’s Lemonade Stand was an uplifting and an amazing experience.


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