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I love my work for the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation. I love receiving cards and letters filled with hopes and dreams for the future. Several weeks ago I opened a letter that filled me with such emotion it brought tears to my eyes, and I immediately shared it with the team here. I would like to share a portion of the letter (with the approval of the family) with you too. I hope that it will inspire you as it inspired me. Together we can make a difference in the fight against bile duct cancer.

In March of 2008, Thomas E. Whitten Jr. passed away from cholangiocarcinoma. His family has been a great support to the foundation, it always stirs a lot of emotion in me when families are able to find a way to turn their personal grief into hope for others; this is what the Whitten family has done and continues to do.

Often times we think of our families as those with whom we live. However, most of us actually spend the largest part of our day with another family, those with whom we work. It’s Thomas Whitten’s work family who sent the letter that I want to share with you today. The letter was from John P. Pearl – the President of Pearl Automotive, Peoria, IL. It states, “Tom [Whitten] was the President and General Manager of Pearl Automotive, and since his passing we have allocated a portion of the profit from every vehicle sold at our dealerships to helping fight this terrible disease. The enclosed funds represent the total proceeds through our efforts.”

The foundation received proceeds in excess of $15,000.

We can never give enough thanks to the families, both at home and in the workplace, who continue to assist us in our efforts to improve & increase collaboration, understanding (advocacy), research and education for bile duct cancer.

Once again I would like to thank Mr. Pearl and the Pearl Automotive family for their generosity of spirit.

Stacie Lindsey
Executive Director

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