A Research Grant for Bile Duct Cancer

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The American Cancer Society has awarded 152 new research and training grants to investigate the causes, prevention, and early detection of cancer. These new grants include testing the idea that serotonin and dopamine help bile duct cancer cells migrate and invade other tissues, in hopes of identifying targets for the development of new treatment options. Learn more about this and other grants at: http://www.webnewswire.com/node/535620

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  1. I was dx 8/09 with cholangiocarcinoma, had surgery and chemo in that year through 1/10, and I'm doing fine right. I was treated at City of Hope, my surgeon was Kim Joseph. MD..I saw him in Nov'10…he stated I was a miracle…I would like to see more research and events like Breast Cancer has…I was lucky and thankful I am still living…

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