Creative Confections for Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness!

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Direct from Sweden, our very own Kris and Hans Jurgens helped raise awareness of bile duct cancer through discussion and creative confections! Kris and Hans made dozens of cookies, decorating them with the trademark Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation colors of green and white. Hans then took them to work, where he shared them with coworkers during a coffee break. Hans took time to explain Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness Month, and handed out bile duct cancer awareness bracelets to all his coworkers. While the incidence of bile duct cancer is low, bile duct cancer is of particular impact to Hans’ colleagues because in addition to Kris having bile duct cancer, one of Hans’ coworkers lost her mother to bile duct cancer last year.
Extremely discerning palates revealed that Kris and Hans are quite the chefs. Not only do these cookies look delicious, but they taste delicious as well! As Kris reported, one of the coworkers brought extra cookies home to his daughter. His 3-year-old daughter loved the cookies so much that she began crying when they were gone. She then phoned Kris and Hans to proclaim, “I like cookies. Can I have some more?” Yes, please! More cookies, and more awareness. Thank you Kris and Hans for finding such positive and creative ways of increasing awareness of bile duct cancer in your local community!

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  1. Just read on Facebook that Kris is not doing very well at the moment. Please keep her and Hans in your prayers right now.

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