In Action with The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation

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As a recent volunteer for The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation, I was eager to help out in any way—stuffing envelopes, making calls or passing out brochures. Instead, I was invited to take part in Partnering for Cures in New York City, an amazing collaboration between philanthropic foundations, medical researchers and industry in an effort improve research. I was thrilled to participate in such an important event. The two-day conference included hundreds of nonprofit organizations willing to contribute their learning in hopes to improve others efforts. It offered presentations from a variety of organizations, such as the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation, panel discussions and breakout sessions for partnership. The inspiring messages of accomplishment in short-time frames along with the distribution of data, ideas, successes and pitfalls shared by these other organizations gave me such hope that The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation can achieve research breakthroughs (and quickly). I left with a greater commitment to help to find a cure. I encourage anyone who has the desire and time to volunteer. The experience is not only fulfilling but enlightening and educational.

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