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Ask Dr. Giles: My mom’s afraid of chemotherapy

Benjamin asks: My mother was just dx with Cholangiocarcinoma 3 weeks ago and my family and I are trying to get our heads around it. My Mother is 54 and wasn’t feeling good since December, she started having abdominal pain and losing weight. My mother is scared about the pain and is on the fence…

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Ask Dr. Giles: She seems to be getting better, but also distant

Kate asks: Hi.  My partner has unexpectedly gotten through a whipples, and has now completed a round of chemo. Great, but she has now signed a non-intervention document, and is emptying the house of her belongings.  Our relationship is great, and I accept her right and choice, and while I am finding the emptying on…

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Clinical Trials 101

Have you found the clinical trial process confusing? Or are you looking for additional information on the available bile duct cancer clinical… posted: Feb. 19, 2010

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Ask Dr. Giles: How can I be dying when I feel so good?

Cheryl asks: How can I be dying when I feel so good? Diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, Sept. 11 2009, have had Sir-Sphere treatment and many chemo treatments. Sometimes I feel ill, but generally I feel normal, happy and thankful. If I felt bad maybe I could come to grips with this disease that is killing me.…

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Ask Dr. Giles: I’m the caregiver, and I feel overwhelmed.

Melanie writes: Hey Doc, I’m the caregiver, and he’s so miserable. Nobody really seems to know anything about this disease. As the care giver? S.O., I’m overwhelmed. I think I’m starting to have panic attacks myself. I’ve been taking some homeopathic stuff for a week or so, seems to help a little, sometimes. I…

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Ask Dr. Giles: Book recommendations for preparing my famly

George writes: Can you recommend a book that will guide me through preparing to succomb to cancer, one that will list some steps I need to do for my family. For example I’m getting around to finally doing a will etc. Thanks George, My friend Marion shared this link to a resource of the National…

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Ask Dr. Giles: My husband’s adult children don’t get it.

Joan writes: My husband & I have been married 7 years and he has 5 grown kids (27-36 yrs old) from a previous marriage. Recently, after being diagnosed (8/07) with cholangiocarcinoma we retired & moved to from NJ where all his kids live to our “dream” island of Hilton Head, SC. My husband is now…

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Ask Dr. Giles: How do I go on?

Charlene writes: My husband died 1 week and 1 day ago. We fought this cancer for 3 long years. How do I go on? My soul is dead. All I feel is agony every waking moment. I don’t know how to verbalize what is happening to me. My family just tells me to be strong,…

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