Repurposing Drugs for Cholangiocarcinoma

Repurposing Drugs for Cholangiocarcinoma by Helen Scott Over three years ago I was diagnosed with an incurable cancer, at the age of just 39 when my 3 children were under the age of 5. Since then I have undertaken countless treatments including 30 chemotherapy cycles spanning 4 types, radiation, cyberknife, SRS, ablation, dendritic cell therapy, targeted drugs and immunotherapy, always with the knowledge that these were unlikely to cure me, but merely delay the inevitable. And like many other patients I complemented these treatments with a smorgasbord of natural supplements such as turmeric and fish oil. However, while most other cancer patients stick to a typical mix of chemo and supplements, I have long been exploring a whole other sphere of cancer medicines in addition, many of which may already be lurking at the back of your bathroom cabinet: repurposed pharmaceutical drugs. Repurposing a drug refers to the investigation of existing drugs, approved...
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