Bright Spot Network

CCF would like to introduce you to Bright Spot Network as a resource. Bright Spot is focused on helping families through a cancer diagnosis. In October, they are offering support groups applicable to our community. The organization focuses on supporting parents facing a cancer diagnosis while also raising young children. Please note that CCF is sharing information about Bright Spot Network’s support groups for the CholangioConnect community solely as a resource for our community members. CCF staff has not attended Bright Spot Network’s meetings previously, but they appear to be relevant to the needs of our community.

Title: Sex After Cancer: Maintaining Intimacy and Connection for Couples

Date: Wednesday, October 18th

Time: 11am PST/1pmCST/3EST

Speaker: Lauren Broschak, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C, Survivorship Program Manager, Inova Life with Cancer

Description: Sexuality and intimacy are vital, rich, and pleasurable parts of life, and maintaining intimacy and connection for couples after a cancer diagnosis can be challenging. This can be especially when also balancing parenting and family responsibilities. Join us as we have a frank and honest conversation about maintaining intimacy and connection after a cancer diagnosis and provide accurate information to help support a safe, healthy, and pleasurable approach to sex and intimacy.


Title:  Let Them Be Curious: Empowering Kids with Medical Play

Date: Oct 26, 2023

Time: 10am PST/12CST/1EST

Speaker: Carissa Menard, MS, CCLS, Operations Manager and Certified Child Life Specialist at Hearts Connected LLC

Description: This webinar will cover what medical play is and why it is important for kids to participate, especially when exposed to frequent medical experiences themselves or within the home. A Child life specialist, Carissa Menard, will share ways you as a parent can introduce and engage your child in medical play to decrease their misconceptions and fears surrounding your medical experience and healthcare experiences in general. Through a discussion and demonstration of medical play, parents and guardians will leave with a greater understanding of appropriate language and techniques to facilitate assessment and discussion of your child’s emotions and understanding. For any parent who is unsure about how much to share with their child or curious to learn new ways to empower and educate their child about their current medical experience utilizing play, this webinar is for you! Carissa will also take time to do a live Q&A for parents and caregivers with specific questions or concerns.


Title: Legacy Projects Conversations

Date: Oct 24, 2023

Time: 4 pm PST/6 CST/7EST

We are proud to partner with Imerman Angels on an upcoming webinar led by Bright Spot parent Jennifer Ellsworth, LCSW

A cancer diagnosis often prompts people to take stock of their lives, what they may leave behind, and how they can continue being part of their family’s future, even if not physically present. One practical way to work through some of the emerging emotions is through legacy projects: that heart work that helps you and your loved ones remember special moments and make wishes for the future.

Join us for an event that begins to explore the concept of legacy work, offers tools and resources to begin your own projects, and provides a safe space with others to begin practicing some of this writing with prompts and templates.


Ongoing Bright Spot Support Groups

Stage IV – Metastatic Virtual Support Group
Thursday, October 5 & 19 at 10:30am PT/11:30am MTN/12:30pm CT/1:30pm ET
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This group will meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month Partner Virtual Support Group
Monday, October 9 at 10:30am PT/11:30am MTN/12:30pm CT/1:30pm ET
&  Saturday, October 28 at 1pm PT/2pm MTN/3pm CT/4pm ET
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This group will meet on the 2nd Monday and 4th Saturday of the month Active Treatment/Survivorship Virtual Support Group
Monday, October 16 at 10:30am PT/11:30am MTN/12:30pm CT/1:30pm ET
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This group will meet on 3rd Monday of each month Long-term Survivorship Group
Sunday, October 8 at 1pm PT/2pm MTN/3pm CT/4pm ET
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This group will meet monthly on the 2nd Sunday of each month Healing Circle for Parents with Cancer
Monday, October 24 at 10:30am PT/11:30am MTN/12:30pm CT/1:30pm ET
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In partnership with Smith Center for the Healing Arts
This group will meet monthly on the 4th Tuesday of each month

Monthly Bright Club and Bright Circle

We know how powerful it is for kids to connect with other kids who have a parent with cancer. These groups build essential connections for kids, as well as teach coping skills, promote creative expression, and foster confidence.

Bright Circle (monthly virtual circle time for parents with cancer and their kids ages 0-5)
Saturday, October 14 @ 8am PT/11am ET (sessions are 20 minutes) Bright Club (monthly virtual activity group for kids 5-12 who have a parent with cancer)
Saturday, October 14 @ 9am PT/12pm ET (sessions are 45 min)

This October both groups will focus on a fall infused theme of transition and change.