Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation's Calendar of Events

unless otherwise stated, all times are in Eastern Time, UTC -4.

Events in April 2021

  • 2021 Annual Conference
    Patient Support Group
  • 2021 Annual Conference
  • Wellness Wednesday: "Neurographic Art"
  • Webinar: "Anti-HER2 CAR-Macrophages Clinical Study”
  • ICRN Webinar: "What is IDH1 mutated cholangiocarcinoma and what else can we do for it?”
  • Wellness Wednesday: "'Ask the Organizer' Organization 101 Discussion"
  • Caregiver Support Group
  • Wellness Wednesday: "Go Green!" Sustainability Discussion & Earth Day Celebration!
  • Wellness Wednesday: "Nutrition on the Mind - Mind Mapping & Nutrition Basics"