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Week of Jun 6th

  • June 10, 2021   (1 event)

    June 10, 2021  

    TT-00420, a multi-target novel kinase inhibitor that can conveniently taken via once daily oral administration, has proven to be safe and well tolerated in the Phase I clinical study. In addition, TT-00420 has shown promising clinical benefit potential in adult patients with advanced cholangiocarcinoma who received TT-00420 at different dose levels ranged from 8 mg to 12 mg. In this webinar, Dr. Javle, a leading key opinion leader in cholangiocarcinoma innovative drug development, will review the two cases of advanced CCA patients who achieved partial responses in TT-00420 Phase I study. Dr. Javle will further share more scientific background about TT-00420, especially the tumor grown inhibition shown in nonclinical PDX study for CCA without FGFR alternations. TT-00420 is developed by TransThera Biosciences, who is dedicatedly working on the late phase development of TT-00420 in CCA in the U.S., so to offer more effective treatment options to CCA patients.