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286 Candles Lit

For Bekki Slater

We are always praying hard and thinking about you!!

For Monica Majcher Connors

Monica “Mon” was an Amazing Soul!! I am truly blessed to have met her and played multiple sports alongside of her ! Her SMILE lit up a room everywhere she went!

For Sara Rojas

In memory of my grandmother, a loving and caring woman. I know you are with me everyday, I miss you and love you.

For Denise Clements

Dear Mama D I miss you very much

For My Fellow Cholangiocarcinoma Warriors

For all of us touched by this disease, may we stay strong. For those who care for the warriors, may they remain steadfast. For those pursuing effective treatments, may they achieve great success. For everyone - may there be a cure someday. #curecholangio

For Ann T Hoffner

In memory of my Mom who was so fortunate to survive bile duct cancer when she was age 43 — she lived to age 80!

For Patrick Schwamm

For Paige Rew

We are lighting the candle in honor of our mom and wife Paige Rew. She "Will" win this fight and we will help her each and every day because we love her to the moon and back!!

For Paige Rew

We light our candle in honor of our mother and wife Paige Rew. She has the "Will" to win and SHE WILL WIN the cholangio fight because we are here to help her each and every day!! Happy New Year!! Prayers for all of those fighting the same fight.

For Mark Groesbeck

We miss you everyday.
Go Green!!!

For Robert Steeb

For Dennis McPharlin

Love you Dad!!!

For Uncle Mike Gurecki

Dear Uncle Mike we miss you & love you & know you will always be with us to show us the light guiding us always to do what’s right💝💙💝

For Bina Booker

Dear Bina let your light shine on forever in all our hearts. Love from the Gurecki & Jeffersons & tyson & baylor

For David Perry

A fighter to the end.

For Michael Gurecki

Dear Mike,
You are always in our minds,our hearts, and our souls.
God Bless and Keep You riding with the angels. Godspeed!
Love Mom, Dad, and Tyson.

For Alexander (Sandy) Thain

Love and miss you dad.

Forever my Christmas angel xxx

For Mike Brown

Lighting this candle in memory of my husband and a "life so beautifully lived and a heart so deeply loved."

For Abbey Sprague

Thank you to the most wonderful and loving daughter.

For Terry Moran

We miss you all the time .... LOVE YOU ALWAYS DADDY

For Darrell Spalding

In memory of the most loving father and husband one could ask for

For Darrell Spalding

For Stephanie Wall

Your wings were ready, but our hearts were not. Missing & Loving you every day, xoxox

For Hugo Rocha

For Dr. Ali Tabesh

In memory of my beloved husband, Dr. Ali Tabesh.

For Phyllis D Wampler


Love you

For Janet Scolaro

For Heather Bolek

For Delia De Guzman

For Sarah Bennett

Mom and I will cherish you forever. Love, Daddy-O

For Andrea Scott

For Donald Crothers

For Paul J Cullen

Paul, husband, Papa Bear, love and miss you always. A candle for you. xxx

For Lisandra Soto, my mother and angel

Mami, estas en mi corazon de por vida. Me haces mucha falta. Te amo!

For Sharon Beinlich

For Andrea Scott

For all cholangiocarcinoma patients

Cure will be found soon Hope for the best

For Olga Mech

Missing you so much

For Amber Bailey

For The Cholangiocarcinoma Warriors

Love you all my brave Warrior friends! Stay strong!

For Amber Bailey

Praying harder than I have ever prayed before for your complete healing. I love you Amber!

For Bob Kelly

Bob, my cousin's husband, was gone three months after diagnosis. Prayers for him as well as my cousin (and family) who is experiencing her first Christmas without him after 52 years of being together.
I know that this is a recurring scenario for many families, and I'm grateful to the Foundation for all they are doing to find a cure so that this cancer stops taking our loved ones, family and friends alike.

For Amber bailey

For Cait Telaak

Cait was an amazing young woman, taken way too soon. I will always be grateful for the data, information, and experiences she so willingly shared on her blogs as she herself fought this horrific cancer which ultimately took her life. I'm sure that she's found her well deserved place in Heaven. Prayers continue for Mike, her mom and dad, and brother.

For Raymond Majeski

Three and a half years and doing well, presently on a targeted therapy drug. Thanks to the Foundation we learned about genetic profiling and Dr. Javle at MD Anderson. We are very grateful to the Foundation for all you do to disseminate information and find a cure for this cancer.

For Sarah Bennett

Love and miss you everyday.
_ Phyllis

For Donna Burke

For M. Matani

For Jason DiMartino

Wishing for a cure this holiday season.

For Paul Doescher

For John Matthew Puskavich

Merry Christmas in Heaven Dad! We miss you and love you so much!

For All those fighting this terrible disease.

For Brenda Ungeheuer

We light this candle in memory of our beautiful wife, mother, and grandmother. We love and miss you!

For Brenda Ungeheuer

We light this candle in memory of our beautiful wife, mother, and grandmother. We love and miss you!

For Houman Shafiezadeh

I hope this brightens your Christmas Houman! I miss ya tons, Terrible Ted

For Houman Shafiezadeh

I hope this brightens your Christmas Houman! I miss ya tons, Terrible Trd

For My husband Robert "Bob" Bourdelais

For Chris R. Kyer

For Hee Foong

All our love ...

For Marlene Connor

Love and miss you mom! #12weeks

For The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation

For Ursula Kidle

For Lisa Yarbro

For Marcy Patrick Cox

Love and miss you every single day.

For Joseph Kurtz

It is said that the price of great love is profound sadness. My heart is broken.

For Dennis Kennedy

We miss you each and every day. We will never forget your love for us.

For Bill Wright

For Barrie Friedenberg

Missing my beautiful sister on this 4th Hanukkah Season without her. Sometimes I can still hear that kooky laugh and it comforts me knowing she is near.

For Mary C Rooney

For John E Ellis

He was loving and brave, a beloved husband, devoted to his family, friends and to me. He was irreplaceable and so uniquely quirky and joyful. He is deeply missed and we deeply love him.

For James Singer

For Christopher Scott Knudsen

You will always be a shining star in our family.

For Stephen Mulleavy

I light a candle in memory of my wonderful husband who lived life to the fullest despite his diagnosis. He is missed every day!

For Mary Paul

"Christmas really hurts this time.
And memories flood my mind.
Though this year I have a broken heart.
It gives me joy and hope as I remember where you are."
(Lyric credits: Craig Aven)

For Marilyn

Thank you to my wonderful family, friends, doctors and medical staff who got me through diagnosis, surgery, radiation, chemo, 3 stents, and a bile drain (partridge in a pear tree?!). What a long journey, but what a hopeful prognosis! Pray that researchers, medicine, and patients continue in their advancements to squelch the onslaught of this cancer.

For Steve Kilgore

We love you and miss you Dad so much

For Tom Trudell

You were our everything, and we miss you so much.

For George Milios

We love you George. We are here for you always sending you hope, prayers and LOVE!!!

For Jo Ann Hertlein

For James Luchansky

For Researchers worldwide who have dedicated their efforts to finding a cure for this devastating disease.

For Ann Foster

To honor our mother. She is very courageous. She needed five procedure to obtain biopsies to make a diagnosis. She just received her first chemotherapy treatment.

For Art Maier

We love and miss Art! He was a true blessing and impacted the lives of so many!

For Brian Szyszka

For Patrick Allen Alexander

For Shannon Borgel Holderfield

A more fierce fighter we have not known.

For Christopher Scott has Knudsen

We love and miss you Chris. You are always in our hearts.

For Janet LaVerne Daud

We love you and miss you so much.

For Vynessa Gray

Gone but never forgotten. We miss you so much.

For Michele Berkman

Missing you more than you could ever imagine. I wanted so much to grow old together. You were so courageous and so full of hope, all the way. Too important to the world and much too soon to leave. Your light still glows warmly, persistently. I love you my little sister.

For Brian Arruda

For Sandy Eastridge

For Susan “Nana” Bradley

This candle is for Susan who was taken from her grandkids too soon. Being a mom and a “nana” was what she loved most in life and we all miss her terribly. Another angel joined heaven in 2019.

For Valerie P. Ivey

Valerie loved Jesus, loved life, and believed one should create their own happiness. She would want us to fight this disease!

For Fred Koehl

In honor of my dear brother who is serving as a mentor to fellow Warriors! Love you!

For Sally Heslet

For Christopher Knudsen

For Karen Yanovitch

For Flora Ruiz

My mom got diagnosed at the young age of 44, May 2019. This has been the hardest of times for our family. Each day we pray and count our blessings and see miracles happen before our very eyes. She’s such a strong woman that never gives up!

For Agnes Chan

For Flora Ruiz

For Gregory Dean Zaser

I love him and miss him everyday... he loved life😘😘😘

For Judith F. Rushton

Merry Christmas, Judy

For My mom (Gloria)

For Joan Blohmke

A loving sister wife and mother

For Jim Wexler

You are always in our hearts!

For Jennifer Cross

We love and miss you so much.
Emily, Kaitlynn and Mikey.
12-10-1979 11-2-2019

For Enoch Sexton

For my dad; my superhero and my whole heart

For Bruce Coppock

For James Demech

For Sharon Laughman

For Patricia Scott

You will always be our everything. We love you.

For Marilyn- our mom

For Donna Snowden

Always in our hearts

For Cholangio Warriors past, present and future

For Mom

For Florence Blair

In loving memory of a mum gone too soon and the absence of her love this Christmas. Diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma in the fall of 2018, passed away in April of 2019.

For Cait Telaak

Cait lit the world with her positivity and goodness! Thank you for lighting my world!

For Paul Douglass Smith

I am lighting this candle for our son who passed away on October 18, from Cholangiocarcinoma after being diagnosed in February of this year. He was only 23 years old and was the bravest and most loving son any parent could ask for. His love and light will sustain us throughout our lives lived without him. Love, Mom Love, Dad

For Dante Casonato

Nobody should hear words like "we have no cure for your disease" anymore.

For Kristen Burns

We light a candle tonight in memory of Kristen, who died 11/3 and should have been here celebrating the holidays with us tonight. We miss her every day, but a little extra during Christmas. We donate with hope for a cure for future families affected by this terrible disease.

For MJ

Miss you MJ.

For Leanne Dendas

To the most loving and caring mom, wife, grandmother and dear friend. Your spirit , your light , and your legacy is carried on by your family with so much love respect and pride. You are missed mommy so much - we love you !

For My Mom, Mary Jo Brennan

Miss you every second of every day. Life will never be the same. Until we meet again 💜💔

For Drew Donahue

For Kjeld Christensen

Your enduring love sustains us each and every day!

For Matt Martin

In loving memory. We miss you every day.

For My Mum, Paula

Lighting this candle for my brave mummy, who was diagnosed August 2019 and is bravely fighting this disease xx

For David Letrich

miss my big brother so much!

For Jennifer Leigh Turner

Find a cure for cholangiocarcinoma! My beautiful daughter's life was cut short from the disease. Love and miss you, Jennifer.

For Jan Meyer

For Lynn

For Kerry Olson

For Gregory Rowe

For John A. Gibbons

In loving memory of my husband who lost the fight with this terrible cancer on December 11, 2016.

For Gayle Myers Sock

In memory of our beloved Mother and Grandmother

For Barbara Napolitano

In memory of my beautiful sister. Miss you everyday. xoxo

For Kathleen Chuminatto

Heaven got a new 'star angel'!
Her amazing legacy will continue!
Very loved... our friend... wonderful memories!

For Lisa Mitchell

Lisa has been battling this devastating disease for the past year. She so loves to help others and we are both so very grateful to the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation who has provided so much emotional support and guidance. Lisa would not be alive today if it wasn’t for the help of them. It would mean the world to Lisa and I if you could donate money to this amazing foundation. The money can be ear marked for research and goes right from CCF into the hands of the researchers. Currently there is no cure and patients with this horrible disease only have a 5 percent chance of a 5 year survival. We need to raise more money to give these researchers money in order to save people’s lives! Thank you for your consideration!

For Glen Martin

We all miss you so much! This cancer took you away from too fast.

For Thomas Hupp

Gone too soon but never forgotten ❤️

For Britt Medford

For Robert R

We got this!

For Terri Bowers

You are truly missed.

For Gary Tibbetts

This candle is being lit in memory of my dad. We lost him in January of this year. His smile, and laugh and his silly humor is greatly missed!

For Bren

Mom, we love you and walk along beside you in this journey. Keep up the fight! God is with you and will keep you always!

For Feryl Jane Marshall Kreuzer

In loving memory of our dear Feryl Jane Marshall Kreuzer

For Joe Terranova

Dad, you are missed so much, more than words could ever express. Life will never be the same without you here with us.


For Jim Gall

There are no words for the profound loss and grief over these past 10 years...I think of you every day and wonder what live would have been...always in my you

For Jim Gall

Until we meet again...

For Jim Gall

For All those who have survived!

It is with deepest and eternal gratitude that our family celebrates on December 15, the three year mark of being cancer free!

For Thomas J. Sisley

For Michelle Pratt

For Julie Rodrique

For Peter/Dad/Papa

We miss you each and every day! It is impossible to forget someone who gave us so much to remember.

For Susanne Knuttila

My darling Susanne, 30 years was not enough. I miss you every day and pray for a cure to this terrible disease.

For Dr.Louis Scala

I miss you more than u could ever know

For Judith F Rushton

For Raymond D. Fields

For Ray Shea

For frank mondrone sr

For frank mondrone sr

For Mike Gurecki

For Dr. Louis J. Scala

miss you doc

For Our Dad, Ken Bast

Miss you everyday, Dad!

For Melissa Rowell Henderson

In memory of the most loving person who ever lived. So blessed to call her momma❤💚❤💚

For Glen Martin

We miss you so much Dad xo

For Marie Lourde Legagneur

In loving memory of my mother. Happy heavenly birthday!

For Lisa Tuszynski

I’m loving memory of our beloved mother. We miss you every single day!

For Jennifer Cross

The girls’ basketball team misses Mrs. Cross and her smile. She was a special lady - and for sure, a fighter. We pray for her and her family daily. God bless you all.

For My Dad Ronald Strachan

In Loving Memory of my Dad Ronald who died 10 years ago today. Much loved and still and will always be sorely missed.

Gavin xx

For Mickey Berry

For Dr. Louis J. Scala

Always in our Hearts!

For Fred Koehl

In honor of my dad, Fred Koehl, and all those affected by Cholangio. Keep up the fight!!

For Enrique Donayre

Missing you.

For Phyllis D Wampler

For Dennis Gibson

For Charles R Hawk

We love and miss you so much.

For James Trischler

In honor of the love of my life

For James Trischler

In honor of the love of my life.

For Matthew Ginsburg

Matt it’s been a long sad 7 years
We miss you and all that you’re missing. Your darling daughter Eden is a delightful 7-year-old. You would be so proud of her xo

For Anthony "Tony" Urban

Dad, still missing you everyday.

For Janine Ingargiola

For Deb Windle

Sending love to the Kerr & Brunelli families this holiday season. In loving memory of your mom / nana / Deb. Taken way too soon but never forgotten <3 Her memory lives on in her strong daughters & 5 beautiful grandchildren.

For Caesar Hernandez and William Heidorn

We are lighting this candle in memory of Caesar Hernandez(Alex and Max's dad and my husband) and William Heidorn (Alex and Max's grandpa and my father), both who passed away from cholangiocarcinoma, within a few years of each other. We've been hit hard and want to support other families going through this cancer and research for a cure.

For Mom (Debbie Windle)

We miss you more than words could ever express, Mom & Nana. Love you more with each passing day.

For Matthew Scharrer

For Marc Catalfina

One day at a time 💚
We love you Marc!

For Adriana Cellini

For Rodney Wells

I am lighting a candle in memory of my husband Rodney, who should be here in Port Charlotte, FL enjoying being a snowbird with me, but unfortunately cholangiocarcinoma took him away from us on 2/21/18. I hope there will come a day when others do not have to go through what he (we) did.

For Valerie Ivey

My love for you is out of this world. Thank you for watching over me, Auntie. Charlie's Angels forever.

For Marc Catalfina

We love you and we are in this together!💚

For Joanne Baratha

For Sarah Bennett

You are missed, but your light will shine forever.

For Albert Barrasas

For Tim Shannon

For Steven John Pardee

Our sweet Steve, we still miss and think of you daily! Your memories are always with us especially during this holiday season. You were such a fighter and never complained. I hope I live to see the day they find the cure for this horrible disease that took you from us way too early!

For Julia

For Fay Rozovsky

For Sunil Tokahuta

Amazing Dad and loving Husband - taken far too soon. Diagnosed April 9, 2011.
January 11, 1946 - June 1, 2011

For Kenneth “Kenny” Ritoch

In memory of my wonderful kind and caring husband. Love you so much!! Life was wonderful with u

For Frank Ladagona

You fought like a warrior daddy.I am so proud to be your daughter

For David W. Wolpers

For Julie Rodrique

I love my mother-in-law!

For Mike Galimberti

Brother, my love to you always!

For Ellen Beth Irie

For James Trischler

No one fights alone

For Chuck

Missing you so much, our girls have been so amazing and you would be so proud of them.

For John B Tickell

In honor of John and his family’s brave fight.

For Bekki L. Slater

Bekki, we love you with our whole hearts. We will keep praying for a cure!

For Wally Finch, my "little brother"

Jim, I am lighting this cure candle in your name as they seek to find a cure for Wally's insidious disease. This is my Christmas gift to you.

For Nana Brayboy

For Kristen Burns

For My mom and Gigi, Janine

For Jim Ewoldt

For Pooh Kanapaux

For Michael Campanella

You amaze me everyday with the strength and courage you have battling this horrible cancer. I love you honey, I'm in the fight right by your side. xo

For Bob

For my husband who is missed so much every day

For My mom, Shirlee Shepherd

I’m so proud of you for being brave, strong and giving this fight your all. I love you so much mom!

For Teresa (Tish) Krause

I love you and miss you more than anyone could ever imagine! 😥

For Mitch Hooker

For Stephen Ellmann

In loving memory of my dear Steve.

For Rose R. and Heather B.

Miss you both.

For James Andrew DePasquae

We love you and miss you beyond words. It's not goodbye, it's til we meet again.

For Dave Mirrena

We love you Dave!

For Sandy Eastridge

For Cale Avila

We love and miss you everyday

For Caro Snyder

Because I believe in science and I believe in you-- my mother, my best friend an my role model. #NEGU

For Joe Chan

6 years survivor with 4 years brain mat

For Mike Goepfert

For Tim Shannon

For Nancy Elson

You are the face! You got this! ❤❤❤

For Pete Recchie

For Michaela Heintz

For my child, who's life means more to me than my own.

For Nancy Elson

You got this!!❤❤❤

For David Held

For Peter Recchie

You would have no idea what a void your leaving has left in our lives. I remember you saying I would be ok. I am not. I will try harder in 2020 but there is no blueprint for grief. I wish there was. Missing you every day.

For Barrie Friedenberg

May Barrie’s smile, infectious laugh and amazing sense of humor remind us to always live life to its fullest.

For Anne Glenister Crowe

Missing you

For Sarah Thatcher

In Memory if our precious daughter Sarah

For Bile Duct Cancer Warriors

For James Barrett

For Frank Macedonio

Miss you every day, Dad!

For Dad (Pete Recchie)

Not a day goes by that we don’t think about you dad. You are loved and missed so very very much.

For Michael Muhlhausen

We miss you so much daddy. This year has been so tough but we know you're finally pain free

For Teresa Krause & Terry Fix

In loving memory of our sister and brother. Miss you both every day!

For Wally Finch, my loving husband

For John Eisold

For Dennis Gibson

Praying for you and your family during this difficult fight. You are a brave warrior who continues to fight.

For Michael 6

Love from your little girl + grandbabies

For Megan Gresholdt Eckardt

For Marie Dieckgrafe

For Dave Mirenna

For Mark Allyn Sikkel

I love and miss you so much, Dad. Love, your Kayley Claire ❤️

For Janet Diane Mohrmon Bonello

Janet, you chose to give your heart to me and I will hold it in mine for as long as I draw breath.

For Teresa (Tish) Krause

For Mark Sikkel

For Mark Sikkel

Not a day goes by that we don't think about you. Love and miss you!

For Julie Rodrique

For Lana

For Jodi Kae Bianchini

We love and miss you forever, Mom. 11/23/1959 - 3/31/2019 Thank you for everything.


For Mark Sikkel

For Lori McInerney

Not a day goes by when you are not loved and missed. Held in our hearts forever.

For Jim Barrett

For Ellie DeRosa

We carry your light with us always. Love and miss you, Your DeRosa Family

For John Wright

For Charles E. Phillips

Forever in our hearts

For My Mom Barbara Agin

For Thomas Emmons

For Bob Meyer

We miss you so much dad. Love, Faith and Family Forever❤️❤️❤️❤️

For Greg Edgerton

Fought the hard fight of Cholangiocarcinoma for the past year +. Happy to say I am in remission as of now! #F×ckcancer

For Elizabeth Campbell

Will never forget your memory. Miss you tons! Your great niece and nephew hear all about you!

For Dan Bayles

Can't believe it has been 7 years. Still reach for the phone to tell you the latest crazy story about my life! A good friend, still missed.

For Mark Clements

We miss & love you Mark!

For Michael Paul Amoroso

We will miss Michael Paul Amoroso who left this world on November 24, 2019 after suffering from this disease. May this candle remind us of the light in him and help to find a cure for others.

For Nest

For Angela Price

Always in our hearts.

For Megan Gresholdt Eckardt

For Willis "Chubby" Wardell

For Jim Gall

Jim's memory is forever etched on our hearts. His kindness, incredible laugh, the way he cared for everyone -- these things will always be remembered! Happy heavenly birthday to my big brother. You are dearly missed.

For Paul Morris Dufresne

For Mel Rosenblatt

For Mark Clements

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