Light it Green and Spread Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness

Please help participate in Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness Month, a CCF campaign established to raise awareness of bile duct cancer. CCF hopes to share awareness far and wide this year!

Light it Green for CCA

Fill our winter nights with hope and LIGHT IT GREEN!

The 3rd Annual Light It Green for CCA campaign includes lighting buildings, homes, hospitals, towers, and bridges green to represent the commitment to support patients and their families and make cholangiocarcinoma a treatable disease.

Want to light a landmark or municipal building? Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Check the list for ideas of places you may consider contacting.
  2. Customize the Light it Green for CCA letter to request a building/structure to be lit green customize this letter by copying and pasting it into a new document and submitting it to the appropriate person/entity.
  3. Upload your photos to the "Light it Green for CCA" map!

Don’t forget to tag CCF (@cholangiocarcinoma) and add awareness month hashtags #curecca and #GreenforCCA when posting on social media.

If you would like us to send an official press release of a building in your area that is confirmed to light green, please contact Allison Deragon at

  • Click here to add a photo of your home illuminated green

Please use #GreenforCCA when posting on social media

Declare February Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness Month

Supporters and volunteers across the US have submitted official proclamation requests to each state in order to proclaim hope and spread awareness. Please help join the effort to have every state represented by requesting your local government proclamation World Cholangiocarcinoma Day.

Please visit page four of CCF’s Awareness Month Getting Started Toolkit to find your state’s and city’s status. Customize this proclamation template and submit it to your local government.