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The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation’s Blog has been home to a variety of content ranging from patient perspectives to updates on medical advancements.  Contributors like patients Sarah Bennett, Cait Telaak, Helen Scott, Susan Braden, George Riddle, Lisa Layton, and Marcia Van Gorden share news and personal anecdotes, and the blog also serves as a resource for you to familiarize themselves with the Foundation.  Keep an eye out for new posts as together we explore the world of Cholangiocarcinoma and the tireless work towards a cure!

We're always looking to share good news.  If you have something you'd like to share, please reach out to Allison Deragon at allison.deragon@cholangiocarcinoma.org.

Five for Friday – 5 Recent News Articles

By Allison Deragon | July 16, 2021

Keeping you informed and educated about cholangiocarcinoma is a priority for us at the foundation.

Five for Friday – 5 ways to get ‘Moving for the Cure’

By Allison Deragon | July 9, 2021

Join CCF’s 2nd Annual Moving for the Cure! Enjoy any activity, anywhere, and raise money for the Foundation. All ages and athletic abilities can participate.

Five for Friday – Five events that the cholangiocarcinoma community has put together

By Allison Deragon | July 2, 2021

This week, we are featuring five (5) events that the cholangiocarcinoma community has put together to engage with others, be proactive in facilitating awareness, and raise money for the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation.

Journey of Hope: Day 42

By Dave Fleischer | June 30, 2021

On May 19th when Linda and I were flying to Salt Lake City to begin the Journey of Hope, I wrote a note to myself wondering what lay ahead for the next six weeks.

Journey of Hope: Day 41

By Dave Fleischer | June 29, 2021

Well, here I am on the eve of the conclusion of my 15,000 mile Journey of Hope. I’ve checked off all the boxes of the milestones I originally set out to achieve. At least I thought I had…

Journey of Hope: Day 40

By Dave Fleischer | June 28, 2021

Another milestone hit today: 48 states visited, and on schedule! 198 more miles to hit the commemorative 15,000 mark, and about 565 to the endpoint.

Journey of Hope: Day 39

By Dave Fleischer | June 27, 2021

Leaving Barstow, CA, my first scheduled meet up was about 250 miles away in Paso Robles, CA.

Journey of Hope: Day 38

By Dave Fleischer | June 26, 2021

I can now “check the box” for visits to towns named Hope, and also admit a blunder along the way.

Journey of Hope: Day 37

By Dave Fleischer | June 25, 2021

It’s amazing what you can see and learn, on a single day, as part of a 40-day journey up, down, and across the country.

Five for Friday – Five ways to get involved in the Journey of Hope

By Allison Deragon | June 25, 2021

It is with extreme pleasure that we announce Dave Fleischer is near the end of his 15,000-mile Journey of Hope. On Wednesday, June 30th, he will make his way back to Utah and be greeted with a welcome back party at Ken Garff Honda Orem.

John Blonder Memorial Ride

By Meredith McGuffage | June 25, 2021

John and Jill Blonder were married for 34 years. They were preparing for retirement at their home in Dandridge, Tennessee when John discovered he had cholangiocarcinoma.

Journey of Hope: Day 36

By Dave Fleischer | June 24, 2021

In my mind, today’s component of The Journey of Hope has to be marked as Close Encounters of the Third Kind.