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Our Blog...Cholangio-what??

The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation’s Blog has been home to a variety of content ranging from patient perspectives to updates on medical advancements.  Contributors like patients Sarah Bennett, Cait Telaak, Helen Scott, Susan Braden, George Riddle, Lisa Layton, and Marcia Van Gorden share news and personal anecdotes, and the blog also serves as a resource for you to familiarize themselves with the Foundation.  Keep an eye out for new posts as together we explore the world of Cholangiocarcinoma and the tireless work towards a cure!

Treatment Modalities: Liver Transplant

By Cait Telaak | November 7, 2017

This post marks the first in a series reviewing different cholangiocarcinoma treatment modalities.  Moving forward, one post each month will look at the present state…

C.A.R.E. Team Launches in Chicago

By Cait Telaak | October 24, 2017

Melinda Bachini is a familiar face within the Foundation.  An 8-year survivor, she is on the front line of introducing the newly diagnosed to the…

Team CCF Takes on the Chicago Marathon

By Cait Telaak | October 10, 2017

Assuming you haven’t tackled one before, have you ever really thought about what it takes to run a marathon?  If a runner maintains a 12-minute…

Event in memory of Kathy Plouff

By Rick Pollock | September 27, 2017

Event in memory of Kathy Plouff I am so happy to update you to tell you the Fundraiser we had in memory of my Mom…

Sneak Peek at the New Discussion Boards – the Foundation’s Hidden Gem

By Cait Telaak | September 26, 2017

The Foundation’s discussion boards have long been a gathering place for patients and caregivers to share information and offer support.  When it was first created…

The Strader Strong Triathlon raises $28,000!

By Rick Pollock | September 21, 2017

Click here to see an interview with Herb Lavery, the Organizer of the Strader Strong Triathlon.

My Name’s Cait and I’m Here to Blog

By Cait Telaak | September 12, 2017

Hello Cholangiocarcinoma Family!  I write to bid you welcome to the blog and to provide a brief introduction.  After some time under the watchful eye…

Knock Out Cancer Event

By Rick Pollock | August 27, 2017

Hi! Just getting back to you about our first fundraising event that was held on July 22- Knock Out Cancer. We had a great turnout…

Palliative Care Podcast

By Rick Pollock | June 14, 2017

Palliative Care Podcast Palliative care should be implemented at the beginning of any serious or life-limiting diagnosis. It restores control of decisions to the individual.…

Cholangiocarcinoma Patients with a Specific Genetic Biomarker Now have a New Treatment Option

By Rick Pollock | June 14, 2017

FDA grants approval to Merk & Co. for Keytruda (pembrolizumab) “The hope is that advanced genetic information will one day be able to identify which…


By Rick Pollock | April 4, 2017

Our friends at Memorial Sloan Kettering have put together an excellent animation explaining Immunotherapy.

CCF meets with CASCAP and the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation of Thailand

By Rick Pollock | March 17, 2017

From our friends at CASCAP … CASCAP and together with the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation of Thailand hosted a meeting with Prof. John Bridgewater University of London,…

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