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The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation’s Blog has been home to a variety of content ranging from patient perspectives to updates on medical advancements. Contributors like patients Christy Landon and Bekki Slater, along with caregivers Dave Fleischer and Jessica Thomas, share news and personal anecdotes. The blog serves as a resource to get familiar with the work of the Foundation. Keep an eye out for new posts as together we explore the world of cholangiocarcinoma and the tireless work towards a cure!

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2 Men, 1 mission: Run marathons to honor their wives and raise funds to benefit the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation

By Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation | November 4, 2021

Delorean Ostrom of Suwanee, GA, and Tom O’Meara of Pearl River, NY, have something in common that they wish they didn’t. Their wives both have rare bile duct cancer called cholangiocarcinoma.

Long-Term Survivor Stories – Christy Landon

By Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation | November 2, 2021

My name is Christy Landon. I grew up in the northeast Ohio area and currently live in Mansfield with my husband, Troy. We have four…

Racing for Hope Journal Entry 3

By Delorean Ostrom | October 31, 2021

Week 3 and I am already making big strides in the training! I’m getting faster, which is really cool. Hopefully, the miles on my feet…

Five for Friday – 5 industry projects that support our CCA community

By Allison Deragon | October 29, 2021

Home / Blog / The Foundation’s core values are patients first, collaboration, innovation, and urgency. We want to share a few projects our industry partners…

Long-Term Survivor Stories – Bekki Slater

By Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation | October 26, 2021

Hello. My name is Bekki. I am a 40-year-old mother of two children, Grace, 9, and Connor, 7. I am incredibly lucky to be married…

GCA Webinar: Why better coding is needed

By Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation | October 22, 2021

There is currently a lack of cholangiocarcinoma-specific educational resources that are designed to support the adoption of ICD-11 among healthcare professionals. As a result, the Global Cholangiocarcinoma Alliance (GCA) is organizing an ICD-11 webinar titled “An overview of CCA: Why better coding is needed.”

Five for Friday – 5 Things You Can Do to Participate in Awareness Month

By Allison Deragon | October 22, 2021

Visual displays during Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness Month and sharing information about the causes, symptoms, and risk factors for cancer on social media can help save lives.

Webinar: Precision Medicine in Cholangiocarcinoma: How Comprehensive Molecular Profiling Identifies Personalized Treatment Options for Patients

By Allison Deragon | October 22, 2021

Between 2018 and 2021, several targeted drug therapies achieved FDA approval for use in cholangiocarcinoma based on specific gene alterations identifiable by next-generation sequencing.

Racing for Hope Journal Entry 2

By Delorean Ostrom | October 19, 2021

So, we are into week 2 of training! This past weekend, I did a Spartan super race on Saturday. On Sunday, I got to run…

Why 21 Miles of Hope?

By Jonathan Whiting | October 15, 2021

How I met Lori and Life up to Diagnosis I was playing music in a club at a happening nightspot, when one of my very…

Five for Friday – 5 items you can purchase to help support CCF’s anniversary

By Allison Deragon | October 15, 2021

Home / Blog / On Jan. 21, 2021, CCF introduced a year-long celebration of its 15th Anniversary. The CCF Awareness Store recently added new 15th…

2 New mentorship programs via partnership with ICRN/ENS-CCA to support, advise junior researchers in their career choices

By Allison Deragon | October 14, 2021

The Foundation’s International Cholangiocarcinoma Research Network (ICRN) and the European Cholangiocarcinoma Network (ENS-CCA) created two new mentoring programs…