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Hello all, nice to be here in the discussion room.My name is Rod and I am new here….user name is Deizeldoo.I arrived at this site because my wife had Cholangiocarcinoma-Bile Duct cancer.She presented a jaundiced condition in June, was diagnosed with extrahepatic bile duct cancer after ultrasounds, CAT scans, blood tests, eventually had 2 ERCP’s performed with stent insertion.Since this condition does not express any signifigant symptons till it is well advanced, there was nothing they could do for her.She died after a short bout with this cancer, there did not seem to be any signifigant amount of suffering on her part, however, it was uncomfortable for her.After being referred to a liver specialist in another larger city, she died 6 days later on July 26, 2017.Barb would have been 67 this December.The surgeons indicated to me that this is still a very rare sort of liver disease, but it is a growing aspect of liver cancers.I went thru a lot of experiences while going thru this terrifying event, losing ones spouse is incredibly difficult and life changing.Anything I can do or help anyone with as far as dealing with this have my empathy and sympathy.Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need to just talk…I have been there..I wish all family members, friends and especially spouses best wishes and support in your time of need.Hope to be getting to know some of you soon.