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    Thanx Pat!  I’ve been told to write a book in the past as well!  Perhaps 🙂  I love this 10 year club, it should be renamed to the “luckiest? survivors club.”  My friend and I have a running joke that since we have survived cancer we are considered lucky, however, are we really since we got cancer??  A little gallows irony in there!

    Take care, enjoy life, and have a great holiday.


    Congratulations Randi,  as of tomorrow welcome to the ten year club.  Wonderful that you were able to start a whole new life in a new country and a life after cholangiocarcinoma .  Your story is a great one and you should consider writing a book as your battle was difficult and you have had the courage to take that on and You are living a full rewarding ( and interesting ) life , it is great . The book would be a best seller and your third career (maybe ) and it would also promote CC awareness .  It is good to hear from You, have a blessed holiday season and continued health in the coming year .  Again heartfelt Congratulations,  Pat    p.s. the survival curve levels off after ten years so smooth sailing hereon


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    Thanx Gavin!


    Hi Randi,

    Congrats to you my friend! 10 years is a long time and as you say, so much has happened to you in that time. You have certainly went out there and grabbed life by the horns and done so much in that time so further kudos to you for that too. And you even made it all the way over here to my side of the pond and now know what it means to get some scran!!!

    You along with everyone else here are most certainly not statistics and as I always said, stats are just there to be broken anyway! Yes much has changed here in the last 10 years and sadly many from back then are not with us now. But today is a good day Randi and Lainy certainly would say to you to go girl! Love hearing stories such as yours and I do hope that others will read it too. As for sure you will inspire many many people who do.

    My best wishes and celebratory hugs to you Randi!



    Hi All,

    Just wanted to stop by and let everyone know that I am celebrating 10 years since my diagnosis and 12/15/19 is my 10-year whipple-versary.  I had a few years after my surgery and chemo that I had a few scares, but mostly my life has been “normal” (whatever that is) for the past 8 or so years. I have done a lot of living in that time, traveled, went back for a graduate degree, changed careers, worked at a clinic (I am a mental health counselor now) and then started my own private practice!

    10 years ago I thought my life was over. This board was a beacon of hope for me then, there were so many kind people here.  I want to be a beacon of hope for others and this is why I am posting today, to let people know that even tho the statistics are grim, we are NOT statistics. We are individuals with our own destinies.

    I have also lost a lot of people that I have met thru this board, but I would not trade meeting them for the world. They added so much to my life by the example they set while living theirs.

    Take care everyone, fight the good fight, live your lives as best you can.



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