11 years!

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    It’s so nice to read your reply Gavin! I am sad I know so few people on this site anymore.

    I adored Scotland!  I especially liked Glasgow. We spent several days there and even took a food tour of the city!  I have to say that I loved hagis!  Honestly, I had it several times and if I don’t think about what is actually in it, I really found it wonderful! I will say I can leave the blood pudding for others. Your country is just beautiful and I am hoping to get back when the world rights itself.

    I hope you are staying healthy!!

    Take care,



    Hellooooo Randi!!!

    Great to hear from you and see you on here as always. And what absolutely brilliant news you have to share with us all! Am sorry for just getting round to replying to your post now. 11 years is superb and no doubt Lainy would tell you to you go girl or something like that!

    What a fighter you are and what you have had to go through is huge. And what you have done in these 11 years is amazing as well so big congrats to you as well. You even made it to Scotland as well, ha!!

    Here’s hoping that 2021 will be a good year for you and for all of us as well. And who knows what you will achieve in the next 11 years!

    Thank you Randi!



    Hello all impacted by CC!

    Today is my 11 year Whipple-versary!!  11 years ago I was diagnosed with CC. Today 11 years ago I was in the hospital having an almost 7 hour surgery not knowing if I would survive the surgery or if I would survive the cancer. Here it is eleven years later and I am doing fabulous. It’s “almost”like it never happened. Since that day I have traveled to many countries, had a daughter get married, heading toward celebrating my 40th wedding anniversary, will be turning 65 in a week, finished graduate school, and started an entirely new career!  I think of my time here as “bonus” time and am thankful for every minute!

    I realize how lucky I am, how I fall into the little statistics. My wish for 2021 (and for all the previous years) is for everyone who is dealing with this disease to have the same outcome I have had. Have hope, have faith, know you are loved, and you matter. Advocate for yourselves, have someone who can advocate for you as well when you are too low to do it yourself.

    Every year I post my survival here I get a twinge of guilt that I have been so lucky and so many people I know and have loved here have not been as lucky. I am especially thinking of Nancy and Linda who did not survive. Also my wonderful friend Lisa who continues her battle to defeat this beast!

    Please take care of yourselves and I wish you all a Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas and a wonder and healthy 2021!


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