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    Thanks to all of you for your good wishes and cheers! As my husband says, every day is a wonderful day!! I just really wish we could pinpoint why he had such good results so that the info could be shared and used in treating others if possible. He is supposedly part of a study but I don’t know what they do with their info. It seems like there is no straight forward researched and accepted treatment of this monster. It basically is “have a resection or die” and maybe that isn’t true at all. Hopefully things will change and all of us here can move things forward in our own way. Best wishes to all- we’re going to go out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather!! Thanks again, Mary


    This is GREAT news! Just try to enjoy every day with him and accept it as a gift. My doctor told me that the cancer will either come back, or it won’t and you can’t sit around waiting for it. Please just try to do all the things you always wanted to do together. It’s isn’t as if, when you get them done, you can’t do them again when you have even more time together! Good luck, best wishes and lots of prayers!



    we need to hear the good news so much thank you for sharing, and keep it up!!


    YAY!! Woop woop etc etc!!
    Too right, good news is wonderful!



    can’t thank you enough for sharing this with us. What wonderful news.



    Mary – this is such wonderful news! Enjoy every moment you have together.



    hope springs eternal!! I love good news!


    Excellent news!!!!!


    Congratulations!!! Great news!


    as someone mentioned before….. when things are going good people don’t tend to post on this site. first time i visited it scared the life out of me. all i saw was families going through a huge amount of pain with this illness. i saw little hope for my mum. it is quite rare to see such a happy story here, and reading them always brightens my day. i take comfort in the fact that people all over the world are scoring some victories against this heartbraking illness….. it’s a pity we dont hear more about them!!!!!
    so happy for you and your husband marylloyd!!!!!!
    here’s to many more success stories!!!!!! keep em coming!!


    YEA!!!! HIPP HIPP HOORAY!!! More good news on the cc board. How wonderful for you and your husband. Dont waste too much time questioning the good news,…Enjoy it. How fantastic. Lets hope it continues.



    My husband had his 15 month check-up yesterday. His MRI remains stable showing scar tissue only and no recurrence of tumor.In fact some of the scar tissue has even decreased to the point that it is simply a ” subtle enhancement that has decreased in size”. I honestly do not understand why my husband had such good results from his treatment of radiation therapy because everything I read says that it doesn’t work. It has been almost a year since the end of his treatments and his tumor is gone and he continues to feel great! His liver enzymes were elevated a little but I told him it was because he hadn’t been watching his diet well enough! The only thing he has to deal with is getting his stent changed every three months and having a little bout of infection at that time. They keep talking about a metal stent but we won’t agree to it. I keep hoping they can take the stent out all together. It seems to be hard for the Docs to rationalize the fact that he is doing so well without a resection. They really believe the cancer will be back but we just keep hoping and prayng they are wrong! Take care everyone. I have a hard time reading all the posts lately- it seems like there is so much sadness and grief! I keep praying for those that have lost the battle and thier families and those of us still fighting! Best wishes. Mary

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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