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2019 Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation Annual Meeting Videos

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    Hi Hatice,

    Information on the 2020 Annual Conference of the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation will be posted on the Foundation’s website.  It is a little early so there are not yet many details, but if you check back from time to time, more information will become available.

    Here is the current link:

    I would really recommend that patients and caregivers take a look at this, and consider attending.  While there is not yet information on conference plans for 2020,  in some years in the past there have been scholarships to help with costs of attendance.  The conference is a wonderful opportunity to meet other patients and caregivers, learn about the latest treatments and research, and hear presentations from some of the top doctors and researchers.  I first attended the conference a bit over a year after I was diagnosed, and it was the first time I met other patients with the same cancer.  I came away with a lot more hope, with a lot of information to share with my doctors, and with new people in my network.

    Salt Lake City is a beautiful place to visit as well.   We will post additional information on the conference on the discussion board as it comes available, or you can check when you look at the Foundation website.

    Regards, Mary



    How does someone attend to this conference? Is there a registration or any fees?





    Hi Tilly,

    Yes, huge thanks to all that were involved in all of this, the conference and getting the video’s up and online so fast. I’m guessing that Rick played a huge hand in getting the vids up and running so quickly! But if I’m wrong I am sure that he will correct me! I love seeing all of the videos each year and is great to see everyone there and put names to faces as well. I like the highlights one as well with the music each year too.

    Thanks Tilly,



    Thanks Gavin. It’s wonderful that you all were able to have these available so soon after the conference!


    If you click on the top link it takes you to the youtube page for the meetings then you can scroll down through the options on the top right of the screen to see all of the other individual videos for different topics that were discussed and presented at the meeting. A lot of information there for patients and carers etc.

    Please take a look.

    Thank you,



    Please take a look.

    2019 Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation Annual Meeting Videos – all 65 of them!

    Highlights video –

    2019 Annual Conference Highlights

    This is why the Foundation exists. To see the tears of relief in patients eyes when they meet another fellow patient and realize they are no longer alone and have a WHOLE group of patients, caregivers, researchers, physicians and industry partners on their team, working for a cure. We had an amazing 2019 Annual Conference earlier this year. If you missed it or part of it, all of the sessions were posted on our YouTube page from all three days. Hope you can join us in 2020! The 2020 Annual Conference date will be announced soon! #cholangiocarcinoma #bileductcancer #curecca

    Posted by Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation on Thursday, February 21, 2019

    Huge thanks to all of you!



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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