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    Congratulations! I love reading success stories. It gives a lot of hope!


    Lulu…congratulations on your second successful surgery. I hope that you recover quickly and well.
    The way I understand it is that combined hepatocellular-cholangiocarcinoma presents with both features, that of cholangiocarcinoma (biliary epithelilal) and that of hepatocellular carcinoma (cancer growing inside the liver.) It is classified as a rare primary liver cancer.

    I am just thrilled that you are home, one week post-op, and are doing so well.


    I am so happy to hear the good news! That is so great to hear and it gives hope to all of us waiting to be able to do something!
    I can’t give you much info about your cell structures, but I can tell you that the original tumor in my liver is a different cell structure than the mett’ed cells in my lymph nodes. They react differently to Xeloda and Gemzar. They have not done a biopsy on the lymph nodes, because I feel there really is no need and I guess neither do the docs. But they are different cell structures. My surgeon explained that quite often when cc spreads and lands elsewhere, the cell structure changes. WHEN I get my surgery they will do a biopsy and I will find out specifics. As for now, keep ’em closed in and no chance of spreading further…


    Goodgoodgood!!!!! Happy for you <3


    Congratulations Lulu!


    Lulu-GREAT POST- your story is so full of HOPE, especially the part about all the new research. CONGRATS!!
    Lots of prayers and keep posting good news-Cathy


    Hey Chica!! Couldn’t wait to see this in the happy happy news section of this site. Congrats again and heal fast.

    Lots of love


    DEAR lUlU, A BIG YAY!!!! You know how we love those 3 little words…surgery, clear margins and HOME! This is a wonderful post to wake up to, one of hope, success and a bright future. Wishing you a speedy recovery and all things now that are good.


    Hello to all….I posted about my recurrence in the general discussion area…so just a brief recap….I had my first resection Jan 2010 my right lobe was removed I did have some microscopic cells on margin so I did 6 months chemotherapy…..2 1/2 years later a CT picked up 2 lesions in my liver….my surgeon wanted me to consult with Onc and had 4 months of chemo which had no effect what so ever on tumors….my super hero surgeon Dr. Myron Schwartz at Mt Sinai then told me he would like to operate….I love this man! I had my surgery on Aug 13th spent 5 days in the hospital thank the Lord I had no complications at all…..I have been home a week and a half and I feel really good……he achieved clear margins on both tumors thanks to a new surgical instrument that he used he did explain to me but I don’t remember all of what he said. When I get my hands on my Op report I will post the name. Something very odd happened though, he told me that the Pathologists have now determined that my tumors now and my original ones are cholangiolo cellular carcinoma…from what I understand they have both hepatocelluar and cholangiocarcinoma cells in them. Anyone that could enlighten me on that I sure would appreciate it. Good news is this tells me they are doing much research into this disease…which is exciting. I feel like breakthroughs are right around the corner for this disease. Needless to say I’m feeling extremely blessed. Never stop moving forward and never give up hope!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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