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    Catherine, I a over the moon happy about your mom’s latest news. So many things to celebrate. Give her a big hug from me. Love hearing this!!!


    Hi Catherine, what a wonderful celebration. After reading your about your mothers success with the SIRT so far it really gives me hope that my mother can also have a good outcome and may give hope for many others out there who are not eligible for resection.

    Let’s hope we hear the same good news for the next anniversary!



    Catherine, what a wonderful anniversary, Your mothers story gives hope to so many who are told resection is not an option. I have known a few patients that would have wished for this kind of outcome. May your parents blessing continue for many more years. Pat


    Dear Catherine, of course you should post and a big HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to your Mom! What a survivor story and it will bring hope to many. Your parents remind me of mine as they loved to dance. Teddy used to call them Fred and Ginger! You may be too young for that. LOL
    I am so very happy for your Mom. Of course I do know that she has an awesome Caregiver!


    I wasn’t going to post since I’m not the patient and many already may have read about my mother. However, yesterday was her 3 year anniversary since diagnosis and it coincided with her 57th wedding anniversary. Although we only found out a week or so afterwards, on Mom’s 54th anniversary she got the news. Later we were told that Mom and Dad spent the evening putting on music and dancing together in what they thought would be their last anniversary together (she was a young bride at 19- wanted to either become a nun or have 6 children).

    Mom went to surgery in Nov 2013, They came out to us in the waiting room 3 hours later and said it couldn’t be removed (4×6 cm ICC tumor). She recovered from surgery and went through 3 cycles of Gem/Cis. In Feb 2014, first SIRT (y-90) treatment. It killed much of the tumor. However, we pushed to have a second treatment, and in Nov 2014, zapped it again with Y-90. Since then, she has no evidence of disease (NED) . We now go every 6 months for scans (and she still has her port flushed regularly), but as time goes by, we’re more and more optimistic that the cure they said wasn’t possible without surgery, may be a reality. Time will tell.

    Best wishes to all,

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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