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    You are one of those people who has touched many lives and I imagine this board is not the only place where that is happening.

    I think so many suffer alone because they can not express the way they feel. You have a gift and it speaks for many who are not able to share in a public forum like this.

    I hope your much deserved vacation will be painless and full of stress free time with your wife.

    You are loved,



    Hi All, You all are such caring, loving ,and supportive individuals! Thank You for all the best wishes. We don’t start our vaction until another week and a half as we are waiting for relatives from the UK to arrive first. I have recieved many comments on my shiny head. I had to work in the garden for short periods to get it tanned a little as someone started calling me whitey. Ha! It brought back a whole bunch of memories back to over 30 years ago when I went to basic training. My wife asked You are going to let it grow back aren’t you? Ha! I had to laugh the way she said it. I assured her it will grow back. I informed the oncology staff Yesterday I was putting things on hold for now and they were very supportive. In fact they rehydrated me and took my labs as the primary lab stuck me 7 times in my arms and couldn’t get nothing. Thank goodness for my porta cath or I would have looked like one of those tomatoe looking pin cushions. Ha! Labs back up to normal well close enough. Thanks a bunch and God bless ! to you all.
    Jeff G.


    Jeff and “babe”,
    Have a great time offf. It renews the spirit as well as the body. Joe took two weeks off in May and then a month off in July. His whole physical demeanor changed and I think part of it was lack of stress and appointments. So good to know you have a strong faith. I can’t imagine how people get through this without a God to cry out to and know He has a plan. Have a great time and hope you get stronger each day. God Bless Mary Anne


    Hya Jeff and Babe I bet you look really cool. I am glad you are taking that break, if anyone deserves it, it certainly is both of you. I read your inspiring mails and know you are doing the very best you are able to do for your family.
    My faith has been so difficult for me, but I admire your attitude and courage all of this time.
    Be still, take time, enjoy and rest for both all my love and light teresa


    Have a great break Jeff. You and your wife need it and deserve it. I really believe you will come back in Oct feeling stronger and healthier( if you eat your spinach!!) and able to handle any thing you decide at that time. I completely understand your wife’s behavior. I’ve only been dealing with this for a year and she has been worrying about you for years, but don’t ever think it would be better if you weren’t around. They want you to hang in here as long as you possibly can- like I tell my husband at least ’til you’re 80 or so! You can do it if anyone can and we all admire your strength and courage. God bless you and your family. Have some fun!! Mary


    Dear Jeff,
    your ability to think of others and the impact this disease has on a family – to care so much for your loved ones (and offer messages of comfort to others on this board) leaves me thinking that you are a truly special person. Not just a cc patient, your resolve and humour has stood you in good stead and I am sure that it will continue to do so, have a wonderful break, love Jules


    Dear Jeff — You truly have been an inspiration with your courage and determination in battling CC along with the rest of our loved ones. I’m holding you and “Babe” in my heart and my prayers that you will gain hope and strength to fight on with the faith that you have had all this time. Sounds like a smart move on your part to take a rest from the chemo — time out to wrap your arms around one another and share lots of hugs and kisses — the best medicine that money can’t buy!!! God bless you!!! Love & hugs, Jean


    Jeff and “babe”, You are both such an inspiration of courage for all of us. “Babe” I felt the same fear the other night! It helps to know my fears are also someone else’s fears and I’m not losing my faith and my mind but just being human. Thank you for sharing with us. Have a wonderful vacation enjoying each other. cjfrancis


    I do believe you are the new Sean Connery of the cc board. Are the women falling at your feet yet with the new shining head? Have a wonderful break and enjoy that time with your “babe”. Your faith is sometimes so humbling to someone like me who oftens waivers more than I should. You are a big member of this board and we are all hoping you have a fabby vacation and get the rest you need. Take care.



    You have such good balance and you really help us all to remember our balance as we live through such trials in our lives.

    Take care,



    Jeff, I’m glad you always seem to have the courage to follow your heart. I hope you have a lovely break, and enjoy the time with your wife.
    Does the new bald look suit you??!!
    I’m away for a week now,camping with my kids, but I’ll be back, and will wait to hear more news from you!
    Take care Jeff, and love to you and your family x


    Jeff – your posting today brought tears – reminded me so much of how Sam felt. When someone told him that they would pray for him, he would always say “pray for Betty, she needs it worse than I do”. You are such an inspiration to the ones that read this site; I don’t think you realize how much. May God bless you and your wife and I hope you have the best vacation ever. These earthly fears are no fears at all.
    Answer the big question of eternity, and the little questions of life fall into perspective.


    Hey Jeff,
    You do deserve a vacation and a break – you’ve been such a trooper and I can only imagine how your wife must feel. For one thing, she knows she’s lucky as hell to have you!
    Much luck and love – enjoy your time off!
    – Joyce


    Hi All, Had to break down and shave my hair off my head last night. It was falling out in clumps. Saw Oncologist yesterday and he would like me to do two more treatments of Taxotere and then a Ct Scan to see what’s a happening. I agreed at the time but after evaluating everything ,I’m going to tell them monday that I’m taking a break until the first of October at least and we can talk from there. Until then I’m going to make up my own recipe of natural spices and herbs and juices and take three times daily. I’m also going to take that vacation I promised myself. Why the change of heart? Well, when a chemo knocks out all your white blood cells and drops your platelets 50% within 5 days, I figure it time for a break . Also, my wife awoke screaming the other night don’t go! don’t Go! Jeffrey Don’t go! shaking like a leaf. It took me an half hour to calm her down. Just as I though she was back to sleep I would turn my head and she would be looking at me to make sure I was still there. It’s time to spend more quality time with my babe. It’s as simple as that. I need quality time to assure her I’m still here and that all will be okay and that I feel comfortable in God’s hands. Sometimes I feel the longer I hold on the more torture I ‘m putting my family through. I’ve got to find a way to make things a little easier for her. I know I won’t be able to take away her feelings of someday I may not be around but,l I can reassure her there still is hope and that it is and has been in God’s hands from day one. Oh, I better stop now. I just had to share this emotion with others as I truly understand what many of you have and are going through.
    God Bless You All!
    Jeff G.

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