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    I am very happy for you Randi and it is nice to hear from a long term survivor. My surgeon told me he had some patients that were 5 plus year survivors but I never had a chance to meet or communicate with them. My tumor was extra-hepatic hilar CC which I believe was stage 2 with no Lymph Node involvement but was present in the nerve. I followed with chemo and radiation. I will get my next scan the beginning of April (2 years post surgery) and hopefully will get good news. Thank You for sharing your good news and bringing hope.


    Well, I am not sure I am a hero but I do feel incredibly lucky to have lived through these 3 cancers to tell the tale!

    Cathy: You captured it. Cancer doesn’t define me, but I know how fragile the world is and I think that’s a blessing.

    Hugs to all-


    Awesome news Randi!! Keep up the good work and I agree with Kris …..you are a HERO!


    Randi-CONGRATS, and AMEN!!! So excited for you!
    I relate completely with I only think of it daily and not by the minute! When I was first diagnosed the person I reached out to say she didn’t want this to define her, and I never and still don’t understand that. Cancer shook my world and I came out of this earthquake alive, so for a moment and memory, there is a underlying greatfulness! I may not breathe it every moment but I am always aware how life changes in a moment and never want to lose that knowledge!!
    Congrats and keep inspiring!!


    Great Randi!! Congratulations!!

    It is weird, trying to let go of cancer. I still think about it every day as well but not every second of every day like I used to. I also don’t cry as much. I think I cried every day for a year when I got diagnosed.

    Take care,



    Amazing news. Yea!!!!!!!! That is hopeful. Would love to hear about how things are post-Whipple too. If I have to have one, I just don’t know what changes after that.


    Wonderful news, Randi! Stop by with more good news in a year :) That’s exciting!


    Randi –
    Great news. Love to here stuff like that. You are still me hero for beating all those damn cancers. You sure deserve a break for the rest of your life.
    Congratulations on the clean scans.



    Fabulous news — keep up the good work!!


    Yay, brilliant news Randi!!! Doing a celebratory Highland Fling for you!! Loving your thinking about all of this as well!




    Randi,, That’s absolutely awesome news…and I hope it continues forever for you. I wish the same for myself and everyone on here…to have the chance for such great news. I have to say that when I had a heart attack back in 2002…..it was on my mind every day…..for a long time…..wondering when it would strike again….and then gradually, I find myself only thinking about it when the subject comes up for someone else….or on that infamous anniversary date. I just had a cardiology appt this last week and we didn’t even discuss the heart attack…and I didn’t think about it then either. I was more concerned with how my cardio guy thought I was doing. I find with the CC, I don’t think about it every minute any longer…..so I can see the same thing happening….gradually, the intense feelings are fading slightly. I hope that continues to happen for you. Best wishes for the good news to continue. I’m so happy for you.

    Julie T.


    Randi…..wonderful, wonderful news. Perhaps it’s time to start skipping a day here and there and put this cancer behind you.
    Congratulations and many hugs,


    Oh, Randi, Girl, I am over the moon about you! What fantastic news! Thanks for letting us know. YIPPEE!


    Hello everyone,

    Wanted to stop by and share my good news. I had a scan last week and got the results this week. I have MRI’s and this one was again clean, no cancer. The doctor says it’s up to me if I want to have a scan in a year or not. He says that even through there are profusion differences in my scan, he has a no worry that it is suspicious at all. I trust my doctor, he is always honest and up front. So it’s been 5 and 1/2 years since my whilpple surgery and nearly 5 years since I finished chemo. I am so blessed and my hope is that others on this site are similarly blessed with good health.

    It’s interesting that I only think about cancer on a daily basis (and not every minute or every hour). There is hope.

    Hugs to all,

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