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    Nancy, Congrats to one 5 yearer from another 5 yearer!! We need a new category on this site for 5 plus CC members!! Your news is so exciting because you are battling one of the hardest forms of CC!
    Keep inspiring and giving HOPE!!!


    Hey Chica!! I know we talked already about your good news and your landmark 5 years but wanted to stop by here and say what a miracle you are and how much connecting with you on our journeys has meant to me! You are a rockstar.
    -your fellow chica!-


    Five years is wonderful, Nancy. Did you ever dare think? You are really showing what perseverance can do! Keep it up! So happy to hear the news.



    Nancy…..it always is wonderful to see you on this site. Thank you for sharing this fantastic news with the rest of the world. Congratulations, dear Nancy, you are an inspiration to us all.


    Congratulations on such a great milestone! I love the hope you bring to others and I agree wholeheartedly with all you say!! Keep up the good work and keep posting the great news!


    Thanks for sharing your good news Nancy. It is encouraging to others dealing with this disease to hear about long term survivors. So happy for you.



    Nancy, congrats on 5 years ! When I first read about cc and it’s stats I was upset to say the least, and statistics stopped at 5 years and the numbers were not very encouraging. I didn’t find this site until I was a six year plus survivor. I have learned so much about this disease, and how blessed we are to have somewhere to talk about concerns. Keep celebrating those milestones ( My liver was resected 9 years ago Jan. 26 ) only once though, you are a trooper, Keep that great attitude, Pat


    Fire years is awesome. It is such good news to hear that people are surviving this disease. I have been lucky with my husband so far but we are at almost 2 years.



    Great news Nancy, thanks for this!! And as you are showing, yes there is hope!




    Some people have jumping up and down on the mattress reactions to this kind of news…..and then there are those like I am….who sit here with tears in our eyes. I’m so happy for you…..and so understand your question, “Why me?” from both sides. May the rest of 2015 go as great as January….and all the Januarys after this one.

    Julie T.


    Great, great news!!! I love reading success stories like this!


    Dear Nancy, first a big YIPPEE followed by a giant WOWSER! What a way to start 2015. You go girl and let’s not forget your amazing attitude. You are a great poster girl for HOPE! Please don’t be a stranger to our Board, others need to hear your words of HOPE!


    Hello to all and I hope everyone had a blessed and wonderful holiday season. January 19 was 5 years since I had my first surgery for ICC…. had another resection in 2012 and a Laparoscopy in 2013 where the CC spread to my ovary….I then did a year of GFLIP which is 5 chemo meds given at a slower pace then normal…. scans have been good so I have been receiving maintenance chemo for the last year. It has been only for one day and I did not receive the Cistplatin.
    I went for a scan on Jan 12th and everything still looks good( my onc Dr. Hirschfeld said my scan was boring) so I’m down to 1 chemo med for maintenance I will go to my Oncs office have a pump with 5-fu accessed to my port and there it will run for 20 hours and I will take it off! I’ve been doing that for awhile its really a very easy process…..I will only go once a month for this and scan again in another 4 months….I can’t express how truly blessed I feel….when I was first diagnosed I of course asked the ? why me….I still ask myself that ? but now it has a different meaning. Just wanted to post to let people know there is hope…do your homework….have faith and never give up of course my family has been my everything as they always were. This website was invaluable for support, information and so much more…..to all I would like to thank you for always being here just a click away….wonderful to know so many are in your corner!

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