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    Randi……great news and so thrilled to see back on our site. You are so right, Randi, patients must understand their illness and not hesitate from questioning the physician, who will want our best, but at times may need to take a look at us from a different angle.



    Good to hear from you and glad to hear that all is well. Hoping the rescan will be the same. Pop in when you can. Always good to hear from you.



    BRAVO, EXCELLENT, STUPENDOUS, AWESOME News! Keep up the good work. Positivity sure helps.
    I have shadows too and I just knew it was nothing. Thanks for the great stuff, Randi, girl!


    So my friends, I had a re-scan after my 5-year scan in August because they saw a shadow on that one. I was not freaked out about it because there have been these things they call THAD (transient hepatic something or other) that have shown up in different places on all of my scans. They go away and then show up elsewhere and are really nothing, just a blood flow thing, nothing to worry about. However, my new-ish oncologist wanted to re-scan me in 8 weeks to see if it changed. Well it did change, it got smaller, but he still thought it shouldn’t be ignored and suggested a liver biopsy or perhaps have the area surgical removed. I was really not on board with either of those things and he said he would bring it to “treatment team” which includes oncologists, tumor specialists, surgeons, and others. He just got back to me yesterday and said that they all agree it is a blood flow thing and nothing to worry about. He suggested a re-scan in 6 months.

    I was worried, but in my heart of hearts didn’t believe it was a problem since I had been through this “scare” before (and opted for a biopsy which was negative). I am so grateful that things were fine. But it is a reminder to not to just take things at face value and be sure you investigate fully before acting.

    I am not out on this site as much as I have been in the past. I think about everyone on this site often and you are all in my thoughts and prayers.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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