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    Just emailed you but I’ll join you once again in doing your yippee dance here as well!!!! Brilliant news!!!!

    Time for you to go out and do some real dancing then!!

    Love ya,



    Thanks Darla and Cillie. My GP keeps telling me my LABs are perfect and I am doing excellent for my age. It’s the darn Remicade that is jinxing me. I see the GI on Halloween and I may try something else as it is now attacking my joints. Painful! And I was never one to hang around joints!
    HEY! Duke, how did you know about my dancing??? When I was a teen, oh about 14, American Bandstand was all the rage and in Kansas City, MO where I was born and raised, I was on the local Bandstand show. Poodle skirt and all. But, Teddy was the real dancer. Not so good at slow music but boy could he Disco. That little guy was all over the floor like the Penguin in Happy Feet. One night he did the splits in the end of Mac the Knife and I almost lost it! Good thing he already had his kids.



    Glad to hear this. I agree, that compared to some we can’t complain. Well, I guess we can, but what good would it do? :) Although some days I wonder if God thinks we are stronger than we think we are. :) Yes, in many ways we are blessed. Take care. Always thinking of you.

    Love and Hugs,


    Awesome!! That is great news!! :-)


    Duke, actually the 5 years has been easy as there is no chemo/treatments for the GIST. Nothing. If it returns it must be removed then a chemo pill is given called Gleevac. UGH! It’s supposed to be horrible. I am perfectly healthy except for the colitis. That has kept my mind off the cancer. I figured that G-d was not going to give me more to fight. What I cannot figure out is if G-d and Teddy are keeping the cancer away…..and T is helping the Packers this year….why the heck can they not cure the colitis! I want my life back! But, then I hear things that make me grateful for what I have. Like I say, I am truly blessed.


    Excellent! What’s up next? Knee replacement? Hip? That would make your “Yippee” dance nothing short of spectacular. I’d pay to see you and John Travolta dance together, but you’d put him to shame.

    I’ll be back in five years to ask if the first five are the hardest.

    “Five” is definitely my favorite number (followed by ten, …).



    Thanks Susie. Now if they can just fix my other parts I will be like a new woman. I tell you all that positive thinking does work. I also put forth a positive effort not to stress about anything. It works.
    Hope everything I good at your corner of this world.


    Congratulations, Lainy!!! So glad to hear it.

    Take care,



    Julie, my friend, I kind of felt it was not back but it’s always good to hear it. Maybe I can go to yearly scans now. Hope you are having a great time.


    Lainy….I’m sooooo happy to hear that scan came back clean. You so deserve that. Keep on , keeping on. Julie


    May I give myself a big yippee?
    Quite a few of you know I have had my own rare cancer and wanted to give you an update as it has been a while.
    In Teddy’s last year with CC it was discovered that I had a rare cancer called a GIST in the stomach. It reacts somewhat like CC as you don’t know you have it until your husband asks if you are carrying twins. Asked in the nicest of ways. I went to the GI and saw his face change when he pressed on my stomach. I always tell him now to look the other way. He ordered a PET and it lit up like Paris at night. My surgeon said I needed surgery immediately but wanted a colonoscopy first. Wow, what a major call that was. Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumor that’s another thing in common with CC, hard to pronounce. The Gist was the size of a small cantaloupe and on my right side was a benign tumor on the intestine and they had to remove a foot of intestine. October 1st was my 5 year anniversary cancer free and I had a CT Scan last week and I am totally cancer FREE! I never worried about it as I was too busy worrying about Teddy. Still not worried even though like CC it can return. I have had CT scans every 6 months for 5 years. Now I light up like Paris. But, I am very Blessed.

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