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    Sue, how wonderful to hear from you and with such fantastic news on top of that! You are certainly our Banner girl for CC! Keep up the good work and a huge YIPPEE! for you. Sending you tons of best wishes.


    Hi all, it’s time for my yearly update! While I haven’t had a scan since last April, my doctor gave me clearance at that time to “do what I want”. I can still get a scan every year if I want. Or every other year. Whatever makes me comfortable. And I am not sure just yet what I will do, but I do have to celebrate for a minute. January 29, 2007 was the date of my surgery and it is a date I will never forget. Here i am, 6 years later, celebrating my life. I am happy, healthy and still working at my favorite job (almost 21 years here!). 6 years ago I was thinking about the letters I would write to each of my children for when I was gone.

    Keep fighting the fight. There IS good news out there and hopefully there will be MORE good news in the years to come. I think of all of you daily and love to hear about all the good scans that have been happening lately.

    Hugs sent out to all,

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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