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    Supporting you through prayer. This final journey that you make together is so endearing, so hard.
    In peace,


    Dear BB – we are all here for you. I hope you feel the love we are all sending you during this difficult time.



    I can’t imagine a greater test of a relationship than supporting a partner through an illness such as this. Many people take a vow but not all are able to keep it. Your wife is indeed lucky to have you by her side and your daughter as well.

    It is difficult to watch a loved one suffer. When we bear witness to suffering we truly begin to comprehend what it is to feel compassion and to love deeply. I pray for your wife, that she may know peace.



    BB, all I can do is say to be strong and to continue your “Honeymoon”, you will never regret it and will remember the best parts. You never know how strong you are until “strong” is the only choice you have!
    I hate to pull my poetry card but I needed to write this and did about a week before Teddy’s Passage. It is sensitive so don’t read if it will upset you but I found comfort in composing it

    Time is growing closer, I can see it in his eyes,
    Time is growing closer, but we’ll have no sad ‘goodbyes’.
    Memories abound from our precious moments spent,
    To God it is, I’m sending, the most “precious” package sent.

    These last few months of knowing, we’ve made a honeymoon,
    In my mind a vision of an eternal, beautiful afternoon.
    He is still my charming Prince, who taught me how to love,
    And someday we’ll be together, in Heaven up above.

    I will see him riding stars, I will see him in the moon,
    And someday you will see us dancing to our favorite tune.
    He will touch my face so gently, like he’s known to do,
    It’s not goodbye forever, with memories bad or few.

    All our love, my sweet one, is ours to hold so tight,
    Until once again together on that mystical, magic night,
    We will be again united to celebrate our dance around the sun,
    And know that our eternity together, has only just begun.


    Rob-all my prayers are with you and Sue. You both are such an inspiration and example of “in sickness and health and for better or worse”. Thank you for letting us into your journey.
    Lots of prayers-Cathy


    Hello all, quick update, my wife Sue continues to suffer mentally and physically , she battled for 6 and a 1/2 yrs and cannot believe the end may be near , hospice has been wonderful in taking care of her needs but she still refuses help in the bathroom . Very proud and stubborn, I knew that ten yrs ago when we got married so no surprises there. I am home with her 24 ,7 with a few breaks but feel that is where I belong . Thank God we have been able to control the pain for the most part but the heavy doses leave her out of it with some hallucinations , all part of the process I guess . I pray for a peaceful ending , Thanks for a forum to express our thoughts BB


    Dear Rob — your promise of “in sickness and in health” is exemplified in your postings. Your heart is pure and loving. You and Sue clearly have a beautiful marriage. And what a terrific dad too!

    Being my husband’s caregiver during his fight was draining, but also rewarding. It was my blessing and honor to be there for him. He would’ve done the same for me. We spent a lot of time reading to each other. Our favorite writings were from Henry David Thoreau.

    I’m thinking of you. We’re all thinking of you here.


    Dear Rob,

    What an amazing love story I am following between you and your beloved Sue. These days will be so precious for you. I am glad you’ve gotten Hospice involved. It helped my Mom when I told Hospice was about LIVING with cancer not dying from cancer. Hopefully it will give you the gift of time with Sue. It was so nice that we could hand off the daily tasks of cancer and spend those hours with my Mom knowing she was comfortable and that we had an inhome support system. You and Sue sound as if you’ve raised an amazing daughter as well.
    One of the things I miss most is hearing my Mom’s voice. I wish I had had her record one of the new story books I see at Hallmark. That might make a wonderful memory for your daughter if Sue is up to doing it.
    Stay strong and remember to take care of the caregivers…
    We are all here for you….


    Your wife sounds like such a strong and amazing person. Take care and my thoughts are with you.



    Rob……It is great to hear that Sue is home and is made comfortable. The paracentesis is bound to drain some of her energy and it amazes me that she continues to bath herself unassisted, but she has been a fighter all along. May it continue.
    Know that tons of good wishes are heading your way.


    Hello All, Thank God for hospice care !, it was a difficult call to make but since all other options have been exhausted it was our only choice. Sue has been kept comfortable for the most part but is still reluctant to let anyone shower her or assist her in the bathroom. My beautiful wife is still very worried about her appearence and knocks herself out to be presentable even if it exhausts her. How she pulls herself out of bed each morn amazes me . She s still getting drained every other day and losing weight . I justwant her at home and comfortable . will keep you all posted . I have a feeling she ain’t giving in yet ! BB


    Gosh, my heart breaks when I hear news of this kind, but at the same time, I can feel the love and solid bond you have with your wife. That is the most precious thing in the world. My prayers and best wishes are with both of you. Cherish all that is good.


    Dear Rob, I was wondering how things were going for Sue, but I also know some people just need to take a break from the CC Site. I am so very sorry and I hope the rest of Sue’s journey is more peaceful and comfortable. Teddy and I made this our Honeymoon time and Rob, it really works even during his waking moments which were few. Sleeping more, eating less and confusion is all too familiar. When Teddy started this little picking with the sheets that was part of it too. My heart goes out to you and Sue, make the most of this time and you will never regret it but will remember happy things. My prayers and heart go out to the both of you!


    Dear robjbeave and AppreciateHelp,

    I am so sorry your loved ones are getting worse. My daughter was diagnosed with CC the end of August. I worry every day that I too will someday be posting what you are posting. I pray every day for everyone on this site. I also hope for miracles every day. I just wanted to let you know that I care and I am scared for the future just like you are. Bless you.

    Love, -Pam


    My heart is awakened more from your posting and you are in my prayers. My husband too is in the cholangiocarcinoma battle. Seeing him have to endure persistent symptoms from the Whipple and now symptoms from this second chemo regimen is one of the hardest feelings for me to have. I want to cradle him and take away the pain and hurt especially when symptoms do not respond to the meds. I say to myself at the end of the day when he is resting, “I’ve done all I’ve been told to do and the best I can do… I now have to rest so I can begin the fight again tomorrow.” But just know, with whatever the future holds, you have held many things in your hands and lost them, but you will always possess your wife and her love.

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