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    John- BRAVO!!! I am 2 months short of saying 5 years cancer free!!! Thanks to a transplant!! I too did the Mayo Protocol at Barnes-Jewish in St. Louis MO with Dr. Chapman, my hero. I had my first transplant May24,2009 and then on July 4, 2009 I awoke vomiting blood and was basically bleeding out because radiation had caused my hepatic artery to rupture. Thanks to God and Dr. Chapman I received the gift of life again with just barely 24 hours to live. 2009 and 2010 were rough years. I also contracted CMV!! I am excited to say I take 2 pills every 12 hours to stay alive and other than that life is normal!!!
    I was privileged to be asked to do a video for Barnes and you can watch it at http://www.barnesjewish.org/patientstories/cathy
    John please keep posting, people need to hear success stories, you are an inspiration and HOPE to our CC family!! (Don’t wait another 6 years to post LOL!!!)
    Lots of prayers for many more 6 years-Cathy


    Dear Dee,
    Please believe this…you did nothing wrong! CC is a very sneaky cancer and most patients are diagnosed stage 4. There are not many warning signals. Be kind to yourself — mourn the loss of your Mom, but in so doing don’t make yourself wrong. Praying for your inner strength.
    In peace,


    Dear John,

    You truly are fortunate. If you don’t mind my asking at what stage were you diagnosed ? If early, how was it detected ?

    I lost my Mom to this curse and each day i spent asking what we did wrong. She had a very healthy lifestyle, but She was detected at the last stage. Just wanted to know what could have we done.

    Stay blessed.


    These posts DO help those of by giving hope. Wonderful..and keep posting.


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! It’s so wonderful to hear good news like this! I will gladly have a month in the hospital for 6+ years!
    Prayers and hugs for many more years for you.


    Dear John,
    Always wonderful to hear a hopeful, positive, happy story. Please continue to take of you, and please stay in touch. Cheers to 50+ more happy, healthy, hopeful years filled with laughter, and tons of smiles!!!!!
    Sending love and hugs,


    Fantastic! Here’s to another 6 and then some!


    Congratulations, John! Thanks so much for sharing your great news.

    Take care and be well!



    John, thank you so much for sharing, my day started off bad but you just fixed it. Thanks again, and best of luck for a bright healthy future.


    You are blessed for sure John. Thank you for sharing your story.


    This is what we love to hear! May we have many more success stories like yours! Hugs. Nancy


    John, welcome and thank you for sharing your story. Yes, you are blessed indeed. May your blessings continue for years to come!


    Welcome, John to our remarkable family and you are truly one of our Miracles. We are so hungry for stories of HOPE just like yours. Keep up the good work and please don’t be a stranger as we need hope givers just like you!


    Congrats John!! What a great success story you are. continued good health to you.



    I was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma in Minneapolis Feb. 2006, I was told there is no cure. The following weekend I was contacted by my primary doctor who told me that Mayo has a research protocol , and asked if I would like to go.
    I visited the Mayo that week and started Chemo and Radiation fairly quickly, I went through at least 100 tests and in April I was told I was a candidate for the protocol and placed on the transplant list.
    I was very sick, I had lost 35lbs, weighing 120lbs. and very yellow, doctors feared I was not strong enough to do the surgery. On May 25th a liver came and I underwent the transplant. The next morning my eyes were white.
    My recovery seemed to take forever and I had a few issues, I was in the hospital a little over a month, I weighed 109lbs when I left the Hospital. I walked and exercised every day, went back to work part-time in August, full time in September 2006.

    I feel so blesed

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