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    Thanks for posting for those of us just starting our journey you are an inspiration. I don’t seem to get much encouragement from medical community. I don’t even feel sick yet if I ask if I mightive until next summet silence. I am stage 3B. I just got enrolled in nucona trial and will be randomized Monday.


    Thank you for sharing your story.  Wishing you many more happy and healthy years.




    Have not posted in a long while and decided I needed to give back some of the great encouragement a fellow ICC fighter, who just recently lost her battle provided to me over the passed years.  Thank you and God’s speed to you Patty!

    I am now 7yrs, 6mos., Post diagnosis and resection surgery.  Age 53 at initial diagnosis and was a fortuitous identification as the testing was totally unrelated to my unknown ICC.

    Subsequently to my initial surgery, I underwent 4 VATS to remove ICC Mets in my lungs and 3 SBRT to address 3 other Mets in my lungs over the first 5 years after my initial diagnosis and resection.  Over the past 2.5 years I have had no evidence of disease in either my liver or lungs.  No chemo at all.  No other treatments.

    Over the past 4 years, Patty Corcoran and I kept track of each other as she was diagnosed a month prior to me and by my limited reading was the only long term survivor that I had found.  Unfortunately, just a few weeks ago we lost Patty as she was no longer able to keep this dreaded monster at bay.

    So why my reengagement after so long.  Well, I really never left, just read more than commenting and now I am back to trying to understand what the future may be.  There is very little that I have found out there of long term survivor stories or insights.  I want to continue to be one of those and I want to know of others such that I can continue to look forward with even more confidence.  Finally, I wanted to share, as Patty shared with me in the hopes of helping others and to increase the voice and volume of hope for long term conquering  this demon!



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