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    My 78y mother (Clara) is new to Intrahepatic CCA (non resectable at time of diagnosis, 2 months ago). Was identified by chance while scanning for something else. It’s a 6-7cm moderately diffuse mass that started at the bile duct. No stage/code has been given to us. No external symptoms whatsoever (no pain/jaundice/etc). Normal blood/liver panel.

    She was put on GemCis right after diagnosis, now on cycle 3 out of 6 (maybe 9?). Inmune system holding up quite good, first post-chemo CT scans coming in a few days so crossing fingers for some partial shrinkage.

    We are hoping for some shrinkage for possible Radiofrequency Ablation/Cyberknife/SIRT treatment later on.

    I live in London and she lives in Argentina – but I moved back with her to fight this together <3

    Best of luck for everyone 😀



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