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    I wanted you all to know that you helped me so much with your posts. I blogged in my journal last night about how we are all have different stories to tell, but we are all connected through this horrible disease. We all share very similar fears, and pretty much the same hopes. I am so encouraged by you all, and I am keeping the faith. Thanks so much for taking the time to life my spirits. I shared your posts with Dave, and it meant so much to him.

    Sending out hugs!



    Lady bug,
    I just prayed for you and your husband scans (v. clean I prayed). It’s horrible waiting for results. Is there any way that you could do something fun while you wait, i.e. some way to celebrate this life and the journey you’ve taken together thus far? Jim and I did it before the ‘biggies’ and used the time to reiterate our strength, faith and intention to fight, no matter what the outcome.

    My thoughts and prayers to you!



    Lady Bug,

    Be assured you guys are in my thoughts and prayers. I know how hard it is to wait for results.

    Many hugs,


    Lady Bug;
    Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers your way. I too know what the anxiety can do with an upcoming scan. Last week I couldn’t sleep at all the night before my scan. We’re just going to pray and believe that Dave will have a clean scan. Take care and God Bless,


    Lady Bug,

    I have read your posts and visited your family blog and thought I would share a “book” with you. My dad’s interventional radiologist was just super in the way he cared for my dad. He was so in tune with treating my dad, the person – and not just the disease.

    At one of our early visits he suggested that dad read “Love, Medicine and Miracles: Lessons Learned about Self-Healing from a Surgeon’s Experience with Exceptional Patients” by Dr. Bernie Siegal. Like any self-help type book, it is up to each person to decide to what degree they can adopt the principals presented, but what is key to Dr. Siegel’s work, in this book and others, is the connection between the mind and body healing realtionship.

    While this book is targeted at the patient – you may want to take a look and get a feel for whether or not this is something your husband may want to read.

    Positive thoughts coming your way.



    The fear and waiting is terrible. We all understand. Your mind can somtimes run away with you. I still freak out about scans.

    I am sending positive thoughts your way. CLEAN SCANS for your husband and all other cancer free people here. As they say in Sweden, I am holding my thumbs.



    Hi Bugsie! Sometimes the waiting game is worse than the treatments. For 4 years now we have played the game every 2 months. Teddy’s LABS were great this week and the PET Scan is Tuesday. Even though he had great LABS you just don’t believe all is good until that scan. Many of us here know the feeling you are going through. Every now and then Teddy’s back gives some discomfort then it goes away. I would ask the doctor but so much extra KRAP just seems to go along with this CC. We are going to Vegas tomorrow for my sister’s 60th so that will keep T busy until Tuesday. Mostly I try to keep us busy before a scan. Last week he had his stent replacement for his right ureter. Now, he has done this 5 times this year and its a no brainer and yet in pre-op where they know him, they remarked that he was very uptight this time. Best thing to do is roll with the punches and stay strong and have hope!


    bug…….Oh, these aches and pain which can accompany a resections and many times simply turn out to be nothing of great significance. I am hoping and wishing for the same coming your way. BTW, bug, I am reading your lovely journal daily. What a wonderful family you have. I am crossing my fingers for the upcoming scan and I will be thinking of you.


    hi lady bug,

    my husband tom wil get his petscan the 29 off this month, and the results on the 10 off july.i now how you are feeling right now, we are scared too.
    but i wil think of you and your husband,and i hoop for good results.

    try too be positive moon


    Thanks Darla!

    Hugs to you too!


    Thinking positive thoughts for Dave and you and will keep you both in my thoughts & prayers. Hoping for the best on the 19th.

    Love & Hugs,


    Thanks so much Jan! Means so very much to me!


    Hi bug,

    It has been a few weeks, but I read your online journal about all of your husband’s difficulties. I applaud his and your strength and will think positive thoughts for his next scan.



    Hello to all!

    My husband Dave (age 51) had a successful resection April 2nd, having 80% of his liver removed along with 30 lymph nodes (2 being cancerous). He has experienced so many complications since then, being 2 bowel obstructions, an infection, having an open wound, and his central line also became infected. He was malnurished and did not eat for 4 weeks, only TPN. Today, he is doing great, his wound is almost healed, and he is eating 3 meals a day. My concern is his lower back is acheing more often. We go for our first scan since the surgery, June 19th, and my stomach is just doing flip flops, the closer it gets to the scan, I am so scared. I am trying so hard to have faith, and keep my thoughts positive, but sometimes, I just look at him, and I want to cry. He is so thin (but is gaining), and some days, his mind seems to be somewhere else, and I am sure it is like mine, thinking of the scan. Please keep our famiy in your prayers. Keeping positive thoughts until June 19th!

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