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    I am so glad things are working out for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know when you are in England and I will pop over to see you and we can compare scars. Hans says mine looks like an insect trail becaue the staple scars look like footprints.

    I cant tell you how much it means to me that you are doing so well. Despite the fact that are cancers have now taken (possibly) different paths, I still think of you as my “cancer buddy”. Onwards and upwards.



    Sue and Jeff,

    So wonderful to hear your good news — stable is excellent.

    G, with the incision that starts below the breast bone eventually parts in 2 directions — like how you would draw a cat’s smile.


    Sue …. I am so happy for you. When you mentioned the incision I had flash backs. I remembered showing evryone who wanted to see. My incision went from the breast bone down to my belly button and then they did a detour around my belly button and a few inches more down. I meant to ask why but never did. Ha! Enjoy what sounds to be a wonderful cruise! I will find out tomorrow if I should go on our Hawaii vacation or not. I already got a sneak peak at my Ct Scan and all appears about the same (stable as they put it) with exception of the lungs showed an isolated touch of pnuemonia. Already did a course of antibiotics. May do another if not completey cleared. Sorry, didn’t mean to ramble. I can just see you and your husband cruising the open waters, lounging on deck, on a warm and beautiful moon lit night. Keep things rolling girl and always think positive thoughts.
    Bon voyage ! (sp) Ha!
    Jeff G.


    Congratulations, Sue – keep the good news coming! Enjoy your trip and thanks for the uplifting message to all of us here – though I’m sure it’s even more uplifting to you and your loved ones!


    Sue, you made my day, my week and my year. You have GREAT NEWS and I’m so glad you shared it. We all need to know that we can fight and win over this disease. You have such a wonderful attitude. Keep on posting the good news. Enjoy that cruise.



    One year ago today…that’s when the rest of my life began!!! I still remember that morning clearly. Surgery had been scheduled for 11:00, until the day before when a sudden call from the doctor said “Get there as early as you can and we will get you into the OR as soon as possible!” All of my family had to be told so they could change their plans. My plans were easy…show up!

    I tried not to think about what was going to happen. I knew it had to be done, so why be scared? I do wish I had asked a couple more questions…what will the incision look like? (It began between my breasts, went south to above my belly button and took a hard right turn around to my side…50 staples!) How long will surgery last? (3 1/2 hours) I did ask the obvious…”What if it comes back?” and was told “We take it out again!!!” But, I never even considered the thought that the surgery might not actually occur. That they might get in there and find that the cancer had spread, and that there was no hope. Thank goodness. The butterflies in my stomach would have been big hairy monsters gnawing at my innards if I had consciously had to worry about that!!!

    Well, here I am one year later. A year ago, I didn’t even know if I would make it to my 50th birthday. But I did! I threw myself a great party, and my husband and I are finally taking that cruise we missed when this whole thing started. (See my intro for lots of other information about my diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma, stage 2, and my surgery…right lobectomy and cholesystectomy). Well, an even BETTER cruise, actually! Transatlantic to Bermuda, Ireland, England and France! I am so excited and can only hope that I will be ready for all the walking and site-seeing. I still get tired, but I feel so much better than I did a year ago.

    The CT scans have all been good. My next is March 11, which has actually always been a very bad day in my life, but I am not superstitious and maintain that it will be just fine, too. After the March scan, I will be going every 6 months instead of every 3. That scares the hell out of me! But, the doc knows best!

    This is an important day for me, and I just wanted everyone to know that there IS hope. We have survivors on this board that prove that everyday. Thank you all so much for being here when I needed you. I will continue to come to this board everyday, and I will hopefully continue to post good news!

    What a great day!!!!

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