A so-so Day

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    I had a good laugh at what Kris said. You are so right, rare disease so we get rare reactions. Although our ONC did tell us that allergic reaction to the OX is fairly common when given IV and they are simply amazed that he has gone so long.
    No discussion about a port though at this point. I am going to ask about a PICC for the last two even though they don’t seem to like PICC’s for chemo.

    I hope you all have a Merry Christmas. We have all the kids home for a change so my house has gotten really SMALL but so full of love.

    And the youngest went to see his surgeon and he has completely cleared him. The scar is disappearing. The only bad news is that is left vocal chord is paralyzed and may never come back but the right is compensating.

    Hugs to all,


    Wow! Like I say, rare reactions! What do you expect? I have a rare cancer. Always made my medical team laugh. Normal? No way!
    Ok, joking aside, I’m sorry he had such a bad reaction, but glad things got under control. I can’t believe he is doing gem/Ox without a port! One strong set of veins.
    Hopefully pushing the Ox slower will work. And you get a break for Christmas so celebrate life and all it’s wonders!
    And best wishes for nothing to see on 1-31!!



    What a wild ride you two had! I am sure you are exhausted by it all. Sounds like the options are in place to move forward which (for me) is always a good feeling.

    I too am glad that you will be able to enjoy a chemo-free Christmas and New Year.



    Wow, and what do you do for excitement? At least you now can enjoy the Holidays with no chemo interference. That Hubby of yours is truly brave. And you must be drained. Hope you have a lovely Holiday Season now and ENJOY!


    Well, it was an interesting day to say the least.

    We had to be in Seattle at 8am this morning but because of the call for snow we went ahead and drove up last night and stayed the night at the hotel. It was nice to sleep in this morning. Then we just walked a hundred yards to our clinic. So nice.
    Go his IV on the first try and Gem went in great. However once they started the Ox, he had a MAJOR allergic reaction to it. Sudden onset of severe nausea (not vomiting thankfully) and he developed huge welts on the arm around the IV sight. IV Benadryl and hydorcortisone to combat it. He turned super red in the face and his face and tongue swelled up. So that was the end of our day. ONC came back and saw him. Stopped the infusion and sent us home.
    The plan is to wait the two weeks until the next dose then challenge the Ox to see if we can get the last two doses in. Get the Gem first then they will load him up on meds then start the Ox super slow. We will get to be there all day.
    ONC did say that he was lucky that he has been able to do so many doses of chemo through an IV. But now we have to see if we can squeeze the last two in.
    I do think we will drive up the night before next time so neither of us is too tired.
    We do know last dose is 1-17-14 (WooHoo!) and then on 1-31-14 he will have another scan. As long as there is still no evidence of disease, he is done. If they see anything suspicious then radiation of some sort.
    So it was kind of a so-so day. I see the light at the end of tunnel and it might not be the train.


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