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    Thank you dear, kind and thoughtful friends.

    I appreciate your thinking of me and your helpful words of encouragement. Lainy I do feel John was with us and yes, you’re right, he wouldn’t want us to always feel this pain. I like your mantra — it is so true! I was so lucky to share 38 years of life with John!
    Darla, thank you for keeping my family in your heart and thoughts. We are trying to keep our spirits up and most days we succeed — and most days aren’t as hard as Sunday was.
    Clare, Lisa and Marion thank you — I know that each of us has our tough times on this road we didn’t ask to travel. It has indeed made me feel more compassionate toward others and their hardships; and I trust what you say about the kids, too, Marion.
    Thank goodness for being able to lean on one another. Meanwhile, I always try to remember that John is happy because he’s in our Lord’s kingdom.
    Love to all of you,


    Margaret….I learned this first-hand. A surviving spouse not only has to adjust, grief and mourn the loss of her/his partner, but also take on the difficult task in providing a consistent and nurturing environment for the grieving children as well. It is a monumental job and very difficult to navigate. My youngest was 17 when his Dad passed (he now is 26) and occasions such as the one you are speaking of stirred up every emotion possible. Childhood memories shape our life into adulthood and old age. The loss of a parent forever impacts that process, but it allows for tremendous growth, compassion, understanding and strengths tools many others are lacking. Be kind to yourself, Margaret.
    Hugs and love,


    Dear Margaret,
    Confirmation is such a beautiful sacrament. May God grant you peace and comfort always.


    Hi Margaret,

    You brave lady. Well done for getting through today – I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for you. x


    Dear Marg,

    Sorry you are having a hard time of it today. I totally understand your feelings. Congratulations to your sweet daughter on her confirmation. I think you are right and being confirmed on John’s birthday will hold a special meaning for her in years to come. I think all the emotions you are feeling are very normal under the circumstances. Actually I think you are doing very well considering all you have been dealing with.

    Take care dear lady and know that I’m thinking of you and the kids.

    Lots of Love & Hugs,


    Dear Margaret, first of all Congratulations on your Daughter’s Confirmation. I know that John was with all of you and very proud of her. I feel it’s way to soon to expect any more of yourself than what you are already doing. You will never forget of course as John is part of your heart but the awful gut wrenching moments do get more seldom and that is ok as that is the way our guys would want it. They want us all happy and moving forward as that means they did their job well. When I feel down I have a little mantra I say to myself. I say, “shame on me for feeling so bad as I had for 16 years what most never find in a lifetime”. That kind of snaps me back to where I feel I want to be. It works for me anyway. Wishing you the best, Margaret as you work out your “new normal”. Big hugs to you {}{}{}{}{}{}


    Hi Friends,
    Today was my husband’s birthday. John would have been 59. It’s been almost 7 months since he graduated to heaven Oct. 24. The good thing about today is that my 13-year-old daughter was confirmed in the same faith that he was baptized in.

    I nearly fell to sobbing during the ceremony but worked really hard and managed to hold it together. The emotion just came crashing over me without even realizing it was happening until it was almost too much for me to control. Of course that would have really embarassed my teenagers!

    I think this day will be extra special for my daughter later in life. She really loved her dad and he loved her very much. Still can’t believe he’s gone.

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