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    I know how frustrating it can be to read all these reports out there but yet when you go to the doctor they keep prescribing the very same medication you see on those research reports.

    Acid Reducer is one of them, while I seen both of my parents take these religiously for the past 3 decades because of doctors orders (famotidine), one of them suffered a heart attack 7 years prior to being diagnosed with Cholangio and the other one is dealing with severe gastritis and stomach polyps…..my dog who also suffered from cancer was given Pepcid by the vet onco while undergoing treatment I was told that it was only for 10 days out of every month.

    So go figure how they determine this meds is good and then a few years later research shows otherwise. For now, I am encouranging my parent who is still alive to stick to cleaner diet (mostly raw), soil-based probiotics, and proteolytic enzymes for the short term.

    Here is a link of the article/research:



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