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    Joy, first congratulations on your husbands successful surgery, many are inoperable upon diagnosis, so this is a great start. The bile duct, common bile duct and such are very sensitive tissue, a mucous membrane more like a sinus than a intestine, it is very irritable even for an ERCP wire to pass through it can set it off into a case of pancreatitis which is a wildly inflamed common bile duct, so when it is cut and sewn back together it can be expected to be irritated a bit to say the least. Don’t be alarmed at such trivial chemistries of the bloodwork at this early stage of recovery. Hope for his appetite to return, his strength, first walk on the floor helps everything move again, encourage him to get out of bed, set a goal, the nurses station and back, so on. Just go for good healing and to go home. As Mary said, the plumbing needs to get moving again, I wish him the best, Pat



    Happy New Year!  I was happy to hear that your spouse got through his surgery.

    I went back and looked at my blood test results just after my (resection) surgery, and they were off kilter for a few days, eventually settling down.  Whipple is a very major surgery, so it may take some days for the plumbing to get back to more normal operation.  The doctors and nurses should be able to tell you if the elevated bilirubin is just part of normal recovery or something that needs monitoring.

    Fingers crossed for a comfortable recovery.  I hope the current miserable East Coast weather is not affecting you too much as you cope with your husband’s hospital stay.

    Regards, Mary


    My husband had the Whipple surgery 2 days ago today I saw the lab results and his bilirubin is 2.0

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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