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    Randi- your post made me laugh out loud. So funny!

    Betsy- I sure will!! Take care.

    Love to you both,



    Glad to hear sweet Lauren is feeling better. Wish her a happy birthday from me!



    Glad Lauren is feeling better. I had the opposite problem when I was doing chemo. I have never talked about my bathroom habits more in my life and completely without embarrassment! When I had breast cancer I said that I showed my boobs to more men during that time than I did in college :) Now I talk about poop. Go figure.

    Glad you could go out and celebrate birthdays. Hope you enjoyed yourselves!



    Hi everyone,

    We got some Balneol and a sitz bath. Lauren feels so much better. Getting ready to go out to dinner for her and my husband’s birthdays. Thank you all for the terrific advice. Take care.

    Love, -Pam


    Hi Pam, my GI gave me Balneol to try for my ulcerated colitis and it really works quickly. Today finally taking my own advise and going to another doctor today. I think 5 months is long enough to suffer with this UC especially when the GI asked me what I think we should do next???? Love to you girls and hope Lauren is doing good.


    OK….I know you are going to think I’m crazy but there is a product called….. ANTI MONKEY BUTT POWDER…

    This is an amazing powder. I sent it to my Marine in Afghanistan and they swore by it. I’ve gotten it at Walgreens and Walmart. They have a great website you can google. http://www.antimonkeybutt.com/

    It is amazing for chafing and sore bottoms. They even make a baby one.

    Ok….I have to admit it gave me a giggle to go in and ask where it was located in the store…..



    I was out of it yesterday so just reading this today. My mother swears by Balneol and it worked great when my butt got so sore during chemo.
    The fun part of chemo is you need the stool softeners because of the pain meds, but after chemo you need a different prescription to stop the diahrea. I hated that part.. joked about what week it was and which direction I needed to go!! :)
    I hope she feels better soon.


    Pamela, My husband had ulcerative colitis for years and resinol is wonderful.You can get it behind the counter at target or kroger pharmacy without a prescription. When my son was a baby an older lady told me about it.My husband loves it. Can Lauren take Immodium for the diarrhea? My husband has also experienced the diarrhea with his cisplatin/gemzar combo. Now he is on xeloda and I don’t think this has been as much of a problem.


    Hi Pam,

    I had a sore behind when I had a nasty yeast infection. My doctor recommended Balneol. Here is the link:


    I loved this product. Instead of toilet paper, you can Balneol. Really so helpful.

    Think of you and Lauren all the time. Tell her hello from me.



    Thanks everyone for getting back to me so quickly. It is comforting to know many of you have been in the same boat, but a painful one at that. Lauren has tried wipes, vaseline, Preparation H. The wipes were too irritating. The others were too greasy. Gio got her some Desitin, bless his heart. That seems to work the best although the smell reminded us of when my youngest child, Ryan, was a baby. He is now 20!!

    Susie – She was still taking her stool softeners up until a few days ago and she quit those for a while. I would love to cook for you if you lived closer!!

    Cindy – We will ask the doctor about “butt paste” and a prescription for her diarrhea if she has it again. This is the first time in 12 chemos that she has had anything like this. I hope you are having fun with your new puppy!

    Eli – I will ask her doctor if we can get those prescriptions in the States. Your poor wife. I feel so bad for her having problems every chemo. Lauren has been very lucky to not have many side effects.

    Thank you all so much. I knew I could count on you to help us out. Take care and God bless.

    Love, -Pam


    Thanks Pam, for the explanation and sorry for having my bristles up.
    Penaten cream will have to be ordered via internet so it may take awhile to receive.
    You might want to follow the suggestions of Eli, Susie, and Cindy instead. I am just glad to hear that something is available for this particular purpose.
    Hugs and love,



    It’s not embarassing at all. It’s just par for the course when you deal with CC. My DW has bowel problems of some kind *every* chemo cycle. This last cycle, she also had painful cramps.

    Try Proctosedyl ointment for sore behind. Here in Canada it requires a prescription.

    For painful cramps, we have an Rx for Buscopan (an antispasmodic medication). The brand name might be different in the States. The generic name is Butylscopolamine.


    I was going to suggest desitin too. Maybe have her use baby wipes after using the bathroom?

    I’m glad it is getting less frequent. I know she was on stool softeners before, so make sure you hold those for a while.

    I hope she feels better. Maybe have her eat some yogurt or talk to your Dr about probiotics.

    PS, I read your Caring Bridge update every week and I always look forward to reading it and hearing how Lauren is.
    PPS Can you come cook for me sometime? :)

    Take care,



    Thanks Marion,

    I don’t think I explained myself well. Lauren and the nurse were laughing together. The nurse was not laughing at Lauren. She had looked at Lauren’s chart and said “Tomorrow is your birthday! You can’t have a sore butt on your birthday!” We all thought it was funny. Believe me, if someone was making light of something and we didn’t think it was funny, we would let them know about it. So, no need for irritation. It was all in fun. Can I get Penaten Creme at any pharmacy? Thanks a lot, Marion. Take care.

    Love, -Pam


    I had the same problem plus itching and couldn’t take it anymore. I had to tell my Oncologist to his face about my problem. LOL! He was very serious and sat and talked to me about it. He said I could use, baby wipes, zinc oxide, vaseline, Benadryl. I would think the sitz bath would help, or if you have the removeable shower head, try that. But, I got lucky and my Oncologist wrote me an Rx for a “butt paste” that is used by the local Children’s Hospital for severe cases of diaper rash. It worked wonders for me. You are right, it is not a laughing matter! Does Lauren have an Rx for the diarrhea? My Dr. gave me an Rx for Lomotil which helps!
    Wish there was something I could do to help Lauren feel better!


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