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    Great news, Bob! Tom had a “thickening” in his duodenum last fall that they thought might be cancer and it just went away. During last stent change Doc said it looked fine , no inflammation or swelling, so maybe yours will too. I think it was probably due to all of the infection going on, maybe yours is too. You are an inspiration to all of us!! Keep up the fight and enjoy the holidays with your family and new grand baby!! Mary


    That is certainly the best news I’ve heard in a while. Nothing like “meeting” someone who kicked this disease’s butt. Keep on that healthy journey. Have the happiest of holidays ever. Thanks for being a ray of hope for so many.


    Bob – So very happy for your good news. Sometimes we just need a reminder of how good God is. I’m glad you were reminded at this very special season. Blessings, Susan


    Bob – You give hope to all of us!!


    BOB! BOB! BOB! whether you say it frontwards or backwards it means a Miracle Man. That is the best news ever and this Miracle leads you in to the Miracle of Christmas. Say, have you ever thought of being a poster boy for CC? I think you would be rather cute! Kisses to Donna too!


    Bob – What hope u give those of us who r in the early stages of being cancer free – thank the lord – your post has made my day. Many, many more years of being cancer free to u! Very Merry Christmas to u and your family and I’m wishing only the best for u and everyone else who is touched by this disease in 2011!


    Wow Bob – 14 years CC free! I had no idea! So glad to hear your PET scan was clear. A tremendous Christmas gift.

    warmest regards,


    yes yes thats wonderful news. have a wonderful holiday.

    greetz moontje


    Bob….great news is coming at you from many directions. Your sweet, little granddaughter followed by a great doctor’s report.
    Have a wonderful holiday.
    Best wishes,


    Terrific news! We are so fortunate that God is very merciful. I try to remember that when I’m not feeling much mercy for other people.

    I’m so happy for you and your family.


    Dec. 18 was my anniversary – fourteen years cancer free! But while I was in the hospital last week (cholangitis AGAIN) my onc. (who has become my PCP) told me that a CT scan showed a “troubling thickening” in one of my ducts. Saying that it could be from scar tissue or inflammation, he wanted a PET scan to be sure. Now, all of you know that my mind set about to create doubt and anxiety. I believe that God in his mercy healed me 14 yrs ago however… I’m still capable of doubt. The scan was on Friday so I waited to hear from my onc. today. He called just after 6:00 PM to announce that everything looks good. Great relief. I just got an anniversary gift and Christmas gift in one. Thank you God!

    May He continue to meet all of your needs,


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