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    I was able to read a bit of a Harry’s blog – what a unique man he was! May he rest in peace.


    Thanks for letting us know. Each passing should be recognised.



    I am a member of a sports message board for my alma mater. The board also has an off topic board for discussion of current events and the like. Many times politics are the topic and the health care debate has been discussed more than once. Through one of those threads, I came in contact with a fellow alum who had been battling CC for several years.

    He was an interesting guy and had his own blog ( which details some of his CC struggles as well as his life and travels. I encouraged him to come here to share his knowledge which he never did, I suppose in part because he was so close to the end and chose to do other things.

    He stopped posting on the other board earlier this month and I suspected he was near the end. His obituary was in the local paper today. Though I never met the man, I felt compelled to acknowledge his passing here.

    Godspeed to my fellow Tar Heel, Harry

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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