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    I was given Tigan with the 2nd endoscopy and it worked quite well. After whipple I continued to use once dialy as needed and while on the xeloda/radiation treatment have resumed use as needed. it acts on the receptors in your brain that signals the nausea.
    regards, ray


    Nancy tried the Marinol for a week with no noticable benefits, so her doctor doubled the dose which helped with pain but she still had nausea and no appetite so she stopped using Marinol.

    Steve & Nancy St.Germain
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    My wife Nancy, has been having a difficult time with nausea and appetite, so her doctor prescribed Marinol, unfortunately this is not readily available so our pharmacy had to order it. She should get it by Friday 7-16-10. I’ll post results after a few days. My sister in law is also battling cancer and she used Marinol with very good results.

    Steve & Nancy St.Germain
    (49) (49)


    Has anyone ever tried Marinol? Not sure how drowsy it makes you…guess it may depend on how sensitive you are to meds…


    Hi all,

    I found this page very helpful with regards to anti nausea meds –

    The meds my dad was on were, Buccastem, Haloperidol, Lorazepam and Levomepromazine towards the end which he got through the syringe driver on a constant supply. He had varying degrees of success with the first 3 meds and they had to constantly tweek the doseage of each to try and find a level that would work.

    Best wishes,




    Two drugs used in England are Cyclizine and Nozinan, not sure if they are available in USA or if they have different names.

    Good Luck with finding some anti-sickness drug that works for you.



    Also wanted to chime in here on the anti-nausea meds. I was given Amoxil by IV when I received chemo infusion, then Emend for 2 days combined with Dexamethasone (Decadron) and Ondasteron (Zofran) with Prochlorperazine (Compazine) if I still needed it. I was given those for Gemzar / Cisplatin and the Oxaliplatin infusions. I never had any nausea problems and I am now taking Xeloda and have not had to take anything for nausea. The Amoxil made me sleepy, but the others did not. I was told there is a lot they can give you to help nausea. Don’t stop asking for more help.



    Kelly, my husband did really, really well on Kytril 1mg. (granisetron HCI). Now, if I remember correctly, he said that the Onocologist gave him as many samples as they had because it was an extremely expensive prescription that our insurance didn’t cover…and we have really good insurance. Best wishes,



    Jim…old posting or not, your sharing of helpful information is always welcome. Thank you. I am happy to see that Dexamethasone is helping your nausea and I am sure that many others are greatful for this bit of knowledge, also. Good luck with your continued treatment.
    Best wishes coming your way,


    I know this an old posting, but thought I’d throw in my response anyways…. for my persistent, serious nausea the doctor prescribed Dexamethasone. It’s basically a steroid medication that must be used sparingly, but it seems to do the trick when I’m really in need + it does provide a bit of energy boost that seems to last a day or 2.


    Compazine works for me. So far, no nausea.


    Kelly – Tricia has the correct spelling of that drug! Disregard the email I sent over the weekend.

    Two votes for Aloxi!


    Aloxi is the anti nausea drug they give me (via IV) what they give me when I get chemo, so far I’ve never gotten sick from the chemo. I did get your email Kelly, I’m sorry I havent written back, I was in Utah visiting family over the weekend.


    I am having a hard time with nausea from my chemo (Oxaliplatin & Xeloda). I have Phenergan which puts me right to sleep and this go round I was given Emend which helped for the first 5 days, but it stops working after the first week of my 3 week course.

    Could yall (Texan) post some meds that are working for you that don’t make you drowsy? I am allergic to Zofran, which seems to be the most popular for chemo.

    Kelly, CC in Houston

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