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    sallypa, My husband is on the gem/cis cocktail. The cisplatin can harm the kidneys, depending on the dosage.They told me the higher the dose the more chances of problems. I have heard they can add a drug called manitol to the cisplatin to help protect the kidneys. Sorry, I don’t know much else about it.


    all my best wishes to you. i pray your scan results will be excellent.
    take care


    I have been on Xeloda & Irinotecan since December. I have a CT scan scheduled for next Wednesday, so I won’t know until Friday the 3rd how it is doing. I’ll keep you posted.



    i have been reading a lot of the posts tonight. wanted to see what everyone’s opinion is on these two chemo protocols. gemzar and cisplatin or xeloda and oxiliplatin. better? worse? side effects? my sisters oncologist is saying he would recommend xeloda and oxiliplatin but said gemzar and cisplatin could also be used. he felt cisplatin has a bigger effect on the kidneys and the oxiliplatin would be more tolerable. i dont see too many people who have had the xeloda option here. it seems more that the gemzar/cisplatin is being used. my sister was on gemzar alone after her first resection so i think that is why the oncologist isnt using it again. was wondering what opinions others have concerning these chemo treatments.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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