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    Dear capo dad,
    What exact supplements is your ex wife taking? I am also in orange county, but go to USC for treatment. I have never been able to have surgery and will be coming up on my two year diagnosis. I have been on chemo these last two years. Can you tell me exactly what she’s using. My problem is that I’ve lost so much weight these past months. I am on a patch for pain.


    My ex-wife and our children’s mother was diagnosed almost 2 years ago….prognosis:” Go home be with your loved ones”.
    That was it, no cure or treatment, nothing. Her insurance turned her down for surgery to resect. That was it for me I got busy and found this truly amazing resource. A whole forum full of people wanting to help, people who should be dead. What was their secret?
    I don’t know for sure but I came across “Andi’s list” and that started my own research, a lot of it on Sloane Kettering’s botanicals and herbal pages, and PubMEd. One day a light bulb went off, and this male chauvanist, skeptical 50 year old did a 180 degree about face….I’m not religious but doesn’t the bible say God gave us all we need, around us? didn’t Hippocrates say “let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food”.
    You see what you come to realize is this, Chemo and radiation aren’t cures, sure they can shrink and even sometimes kill tumors, along with your immune system and healthy cells.
    The best thing to do is stop putting crap in your body and boost your immune system. Empty out your pantry and fridge, eat fresh, nothing pre-packaged. Cancer is primarily a modern/western/civilized/culture, disease.
    I’m no Guru or do-gooder. But bless the people here who showed me and many others the way.
    My Ex- wife did get chemo: gemzar+ cisplatin+that ” A” pill.
    Her Oncon is scratching his head. Her numbers are down to nothing, same with pet scan……no adverse side effects….Hmmmm?
    Coriolus Versicolor….Turkey Tail….the “magic mushroom” ? You decide.
    That along with many other supplements (based on Andis list) I believe is the reason she’s still here and healthy. Oh and yes Now I do believe in miracles, and Andi.
    Here’s a link: http://www.mskcc.org/cancer-care/herb/coriolus-versicolor
    The best supplier I found are these guys: http://www.jhsnp.com
    Good luck, stay focused, stay positive and research………..Gary:


    My Father aged 80 has been diag with intrahepatic Colangiocarcinoma of size 6cm by 6cm , poorly differentiated in seg iv B extending into the porta . there is mild dilation of intrahepatic bilary radicles. The dr has suggested therasphere. kindly guide. what is the life span without treatment ? & with treatment ? any alternate remedies ? suggest vegetarian diet to increase his haemoglobin
    Side effects my email naman_nirmal@rediffmail.com


    I agree. Keep searching. And, you really won’t know the results until you try. There always is the hope for your sister to feel better with something else. Which other, experiemental drugs have been offered to her?
    I am sending all my best wishes.


    Thanks for the suggestion about googling the Essiac tea and Goji juice. I will try that. My sister has had several consultations with a number of physicians and specialists. She has had numberous traditional therapies (surgery, biliary tube placement, chemo with Gemcitabine and Capcitabine). The doctors are not able to offer much more (except highly experimental drugs which are not proven for safety or effectiveness and have a potential of extreme side effects–some of which she is already experiencing). Anyway, I just thought I would do some research to see if I could come up with anything else. She has 3 children and is really wanting to fight this for them. The support of others who share this struggle that affects them or a loved one is comforting to me. Thanks for your ideas.


    Hello dettmdj….welcome to our site although, as mentioned often, would it not be nice it had been under different circumstances, but we are a great group of caring people and are always happy for new members to join us.
    I am sorry to hear about your sister. Have you consulted with other physicians regarding her treatments? We are big on second or more opinions regarding this cancer. Essiac tea and Goji juice both have been discussed on this board. You might want to use the: google function, top, right hand side of page, and enter either words. Several threads will appear. Hopefully, someone can answer your question re: marinol and the availability of this product in the State of Wisconsin. Others may also chime in real soon.
    Best wishes,


    Has anyone had experience with Essiac tea and Goji juice treatments? My sister was diagnosed a year ago. Her cancer is inoperable. She was on Gemcitabine and Capcitabine which are no longer helping her. Her tumor is growing and traditional medicine doesn’t have much to offer at this time. How is the tea taken and what is the amount used? What about the Goji juice (how much and how is it taken)? Also, does anyone know if Marinol is available in WI? Are there any other home remedies or herbal supplements that anyone has tried that have helped? Thanks for any help and ideas anyone has.


    Hi sunderwon,

    Welcome to the site although I am sorry that you had to find us all. And I am sorry to hear about your sister and that you say she is not responding well to her chemo. Has your sister tried any of the drinks or shakes such as Entrust or Scandishake? My dad was given the Ensure drinks after he came home from the hospital to try and put weight on.

    Keep coming back here and we will do what we can to help.

    Best wishes to you and your sister,


    sunderwo wrote:
    Anyone have any success with Marinol? My sister is stage IV and has lost 40 pounds since April 2010. She is not responding well to chemo…in fact her PET/CT showed tumor growth. We are in the process of surgical evaluation…though it doesn’t look encouraging we still want to make sure we are doing everything we can (just like everyone else on this site). Her nutrition is so poor…even if she is able to have surgery…they wouldn’t be able to operate since she is SO malnourished.

    Sunderwo, Marinol did not work at all for my husband….we wasted so much time waiting for the Marinol to work…then finally went for the real marijuana, and no regrets!! It helped him tremendously!! Since he was not a smoker of anything his entire life….a friend would bake it into brownies!! He would have one in the car ride home from Chemo and next thing I know, he’s eating a large plate of pasta!! It was the best feeling in the world to see him eat!!!

    Good luck and prayers!!


    I cannot yet attest that alternative treatments work, since I’m not cured, BUT: I recommend that you look into Life Extension Foundation. For a $75 membership, you get a research-filled magazine monthly on supplementation, health, and of course the opportunity to buy their supplements. You also–very important–have the oppportunity to talk by telephone with one of the Naturopathic Doctor–cancer specialists. The doc will, at your request, take all the information you have on your cancer, and provide you with a list of supplements that he best believes may help you with your particular situation. Additionally, their website has cancer-fighting protocols and research article links.

    Please note that I am just a member and not a representative of LEF, and I do not benefit in any way from guiding you to their website. Also, they ARE a business, so Caveat Emptor!

    I wish you many blessings in your search for help. I hope you’ll take advantage of the information that you best believe will help you and yours.

    God Bless!


    Hello sunderwo….I would like to follow Lainy in welcoming you to our site. As Lainy has mentioned there are several postings re: Marinol. Marinol (dronabinol) is a man-made form of cannabis (marijuana is an herbal form of cannabis). It has shown to be beneficial to increase appetite. In fact, we used it for my husband also. I am not sure as to whether it had any positive effect, but I was willing to try anything to have him consume more food.
    What do you think are the reasons for your sister’s weight loss? Does she have problems holding down the food? If not, have you tried adding high calorie food to her diet?
    I remember asking a physician the question no one had been able to answer: at what point does nutrition feed the cancer rather it feed the person? He responded: you may be feeding the cancer however; on the other hand, your husband is viable.
    Therefore, I believe as long as it is tolerated keeping the calorie count high can be beneficial. I am hoping for others to share their thoughts with you also.
    Best wishes,


    Dear Sunderwo, welcome to our wonderful family but so sorry to hear about your sister. I have never heard of Marinol but you might try our search engine at the top of the page. Have you talked to the Oncologist about her weight? Sometimes the ONC may have a nutritionist you can speak with. Wishing you much luck and please keep us posted on your sister.


    Anyone have any success with Marinol? My sister is stage IV and has lost 40 pounds since April 2010. She is not responding well to chemo…in fact her PET/CT showed tumor growth. We are in the process of surgical evaluation…though it doesn’t look encouraging we still want to make sure we are doing everything we can (just like everyone else on this site). Her nutrition is so poor…even if she is able to have surgery…they wouldn’t be able to operate since she is SO malnourished.


    Dear Rortmanns:

    I know this is a tough time for you. Search all the messages on this website; every patient has their favorite supplement or alternative medicine therapy. If you find one that looks interesting, almost everyone on this discussion board would be happy to correspond with you regarding details of the therapy.

    My own observation of this discussion board tells me that those who combine alternative therapies with standard chemotherapy do better than those who use just chemo alone, or just alternative therapies alone with no chemo. (That’s unscientific; just my opinion)

    Sometimes just the act of searching for alternatives can make you feel better! It keeps you engaged and involved in your own care, which improves attitude. And attitude is a very powerful thing indeed!

    Wishing you all the best,

    Violarob in Texas

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