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    Research Essiac Tea and Goji Juice. My mother-in-law was just diagnosed a month ago at Stage 3/4…not sure. She just started chemo as strictly a palliative treatment. The cancer has already metastized. Also go to http://www.cancertruth.net and order the book by Ty Bollinger. It has many alternative and complimentary therapies.
    This book is more about late stage cancer but if someone can start early enough, maybe you can slow it down.

    Since your partner is late stage it is a perfect compliment to the battle you and all of us are fighting here. The way I look at it is this… once traditional medicine can’t offer a solution to us, then anything else we try is a bonus. I believe that our Creator/Creatrix made many natural things available to us long before there were doctors, hospitals and drug companies. Obviously some of these natural gifts were effective, or we wouldn’t be here right now.

    We chose these two because they don’t interfere with traditional treatment and don’t require a doctor to administer. There is some indication that Essiac can shrink tumors. Goji has been shown to increase white blood cells and both remedies are used to minimize the effects of chemo if someone takes that.

    That’s what I did and we are using the above two remedies and do seem to be controlling her pain. She’s only been using them for 10 days but we’re hopeful it will give her at least a better quality of remaining life, whatever that is. She is feeling much better since starting these two things and I am hoping her blood results show it’s helping.

    My prayers are with everyone here. Until now, I have never had a loved one go through terminal cancer and this is so hard. I am very scared about how it will play out.

    If you like what you read, then I’ll post where I get them if that’s allowed. Otherwise, you can email me and I’ll give the sources to you. There are a lot of overpriced sources of these remedies and no one should have to pay so much.

    Best of luck to everyone here. I’ll be posting and reading often.



    No experience with it but I think heat therapy sounds interesting:


    I once went to a hot springs spa in Mexico and if my Mom had been well enough to travel I would have tried to take her there to see if it would help.

    This is also helpful when considering alternative therapies:




    When I first started treatment about 3-4 months ago, I thought I would be doing myself a favor by combining some alternative treatments (diet and supplements) with traditional (chemoembolization).

    I do not want to put down alt treatments – we all could prob use a change in diet and I think that supplements are helpful – but I ended up losing too much weight too quickly and it severely effected my mood. I went into depression and if you are feeling sad/depressed, it is EXTREMELY hard to fight at all – traditionally or alternatively.

    So my advice, for what it is worth, is go forward with diets and supplements only in so far as you can handle it. Any one of them might (or might not) work, but most importantly if you lose faith in them, come back to the things (foods) that make you happy and keep on weight.


    try this web site and read………www.amazonbioenergetics.com/reports-graviola-hsi.htm…when it comes to helping a loved one or anyone all options are considered…good luck….ron


    I had a resection in 2004, and a recurrence in 2006 that was inoperable and treated with radiation and Xeloda– it shrank the tumors but they’re still “there.”

    Since then, my treatment has been weekly acupuncture (to boost my immune system and strengthen my liver) and many supplements (especially IP6, ginseng, and milk thistle.) Recently I have also started practicing qigong, which I feel has been immensely helpful.

    I have to very respectfully disagree with Lisa about the usefulness of alternative treatments– I have had very good results with them. I think each person needs to find the treatment that feels right for them.

    Wishing you all the best!



    Gemzar actually did work for me for a year. I’m now on Oxaliplatin and Xeloda. I am not big on alternative medicines – all talk and no show if you ask me.

    I hope you can find something that helps Fiona.


    My partner is not a big believer in chemo and she is inoperable and the cancer is positioned such that radiotherapy is more damaging and no solution either. She is stage IV.

    We have tried one alternative treatment and the result was just massive weight loss and no improvement, in fact the tumour has grown and she is weaker than ever. She is trying a second.

    We entered chemo 6 weeks ago and had a review session this week, they really dont offer much hope. Basically they are calling the chemo palliative care that will improve the time she has left and will leave it to her to decide if it is helping her feel better. We have now seen 3 oncologists that say the same thing – Gemcitabine is all they can offer due to her situation.

    Fiona is not jaundice and not itchy – her only symptons are a bit of pain, bad ascites and weight loss.

    What I am really looking for here is:

    Are there any alternative treatments that are know to make a difference?
    Anyone that has tried a treatment and found it to help them?
    Anyone tried Gerson and had success?
    Anyone tried probiotics and had it work (my partner is on Mannatech products at the moment)?

    The trouble I have with alternative treatments is that they are all care and no responsibility – they promise yep we can fix you but when they dont they’ve just built up false hopes that get shattered. So I’m reaching out here – as I’m not a big believer I’m looking for some info to help me help my beautiful lady who does believe.

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