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    I had right hand (dominant) and leg tremors, which doc attributed to
    reglan, once I stopped this the tremors went away.


    My husband has tremors that are increasing. The right side is worse than the left. It has affected his ability to eat, hold a spoon, and do many other things. He is frustrated by it. Does anyone else think that dealing with the changes day to day and the new effects of this disease is like trying to put a puzzle together without knowing what the picture should look like?


    My husband had bodily tremors before and the doctor said it was because of the buildup of ammonia in his body, which is why he takes lactulose. It may be different in your case but I just wanted to state another possibility.


    My husband has tremors, but mostly when he is sleeping. He says he has them sometimes during the day, but is able to control them enough so i don’t notice them. our onclogist said they were most likely from all the pain meds he is on. Colleen


    My father has just started experiencing terrible hand trmors/shaking. He has had a little for the last few weeks but now it can get so bad that he can’t hold eating utensils. The Dr says it’s because his liver is failing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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